Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Could it be? Your Innkeeper has become The Grinch?

Has Carl Become the Grinch and Crossed the Holidays off his Calendar This Year? 

 The holidays are coming and you can't convince me that I'm gonna enjoy it. I mean really, I have not been thinking about Christmas for the past two weeks, three days and 6 and a half hours. Why would I? I can't stand decorating with my antique Christmas Collection that I've been collecting since May of 1989.

Then of course, with Christmas comes the wrapping and trappings of Holiday Gift giving, garnishing gifts with the prettiest of bows ( I picked up the sweetest ribbon at and end of season sale last January) and sending out Christmas Cards and organizing my Christmas List since September 17,  is just a plain nuisance. WHO HAS TIME!

I'm not shopping for cheese!
And then thumbing through Martha Stewart, Country Living, Victorian Home and other magazines is a daunting task, why would anyone look for hours on end for the perfect holiday meal. Come on, an artisan cheese board with Shrophshire  Blue, Fromage Di' Afinois, Local Cave Aged Goat Cheese, and Rooster Street Provisions old world salt cured Salami with Nicoise Olive Tempanade should be enough for an appetizer for the holiday party.

Decorating = No!
All in all, Christmas is just too much to deal with;  Oh and then the guest come to the Harvest Moon , I didn't all ready set up a special for them. Why would I, that would show that I have an adoration for the Holiday, which I don't.

 That special wouldn't be free passes to the National Christmas Center by booking here at the Harvest Moon from now till December 31. I don't want to condone such a menagerie of holiday splendor and make people excited and bring to them the Christmas Spirit when I myself am a Grumpy Young Innkeeper  It just wouldn't be right.

Rooster St. ProvisionsSo just try me, try making a reservation and see what happens, I'll make your holidays one to remember!


For those that know me, these things in here that I "shout out about"are really the case, I truly love Christmas and all that comes around it. One step into the Harvest Moon during December, you will see why. So all the things you read up there that I say are just a bother, YUP, that's crazy me, I really have been thinking about Christmas for 2 weeks and now 4 days and 7 hours. So come along and join us as we "gift" you tickets to the National Christmas Center just for staying here. Come and "Shine On" and celebrate the Holidays here at the Harvest Moon!

Monday, March 10, 2014


Did somebody say Goat Milk?
 It's Happening...

Well, It's been a while. I have been evaluating the culinary aspect of our operations over the past  years and have seen that the people that live here in Lancaster County have become quite the Epicureans. Bonus! People that travel here have come to expect the discovery of great food and where the heck it all comes from.

Lancaster has done it. A concept about ten years ago on how to get the word out on how perfect Lancaster is on a culinary note is now grown into a desire for more
Fresh Lancaster County Produce
. So in saying that and back to the Harvest Moon Bed & Breakfast, we have shown with great pride all that Lancaster has to offer. It has caught on, from great cheese producers and restaurants that serve a wonderful meal to local wineries that enjoy competing with their counterparts across the country. It's here.

Ready to make cheese
So now what do we do you ask? How can we take you deeper into what Lancaster County has to offer. How can it get any better than great food. Well it can and that's where I leave you today... IT'S a surprise. We are building on things, culinary things, and ways to connect a healthy lifestyle along with it. Lancaster County has gone all out and has really pushed some culinary buttons. I've explored them and continue to explore the scene here in Lancaster.  But mums the word for now. STAY TUNED!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Harvest Moon Bed & Breakfast Recognized as one of top 10 Culinary Inns

 Honored! Needless to say,  that I received one of the Top Ten Culinary Inns award from Bed and Breakfast.com. On a list of great inns with great chefs, I was recognized with an interesting twist to get people involved with food. From tours and demos to lectures and an all out immersion, the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast has pushed the buttons; and has gotten noticed.

I have always enjoyed culinary. However being a chef was a tough job. So the inn-keeping world came naturally and was a way to take the "stress" out of cooking yet still be so very much involved with the culinary world... more so!

So living in a beautiful area with noting but fresh local food available at my fingertips, how could I not explore  this arena which lays in front of me. I am a purest at heart, and Lancaster has surely provided me with all kinds of great stuff.

We have all kinds of great events coming up and have just added a few dates to the Cheese Crawl. We hope to see you on one of them soon.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Lancaster County Murder Mystery for Valentines Day

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate!
 A Murder and Chocolate Lovers Get Away Weekend at the Harvest Moon Bed & Breakfast

Here we go again! As we roll into February, the Harvest Moon bandb has done it again. Another cold blooded murder dripping in nothing but chocolate. This sweet indulgence will warm everyone up, bringing them out for just a night of fun, intrigue and the delicious taste of chocolate.

Wilbur Chocolate
Wilbur Chocolate; A Lancaster County Favorite!
So as we prepare for the murder mystery weekend here in Lancaster, we also bring to you, (as we always do) a connection to food. The shootings, hangings and stabbings will be complimented with truffles, cookies, fudge and savory treats.

The date for this dastardly culinary weekend will be set for February 23, 2013 here at the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast.

To find out more, visit our website or feel free to give us a call. Oh, and don't forget, murder is always better when you have chocolate to go along with it!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Lancaster County Harvest Time
A Tale of Changing Seasons at the Harvest Moon Bed & Breakfast...

So, there comes a time of the year where you have to say... it's time for a change. You know, the end of winter where the mud is everywhere and the threat of one last snow storm makes you wild. Or when fall has dropped all of it's leaves and there is nothing outside except for murky skies and barren trees.

The Soybean Crop's Autumn Display
Well, for me personally, not one of them is all that awful, I always enjoy a great March snow storm or the warmth of a late spring day (minus the humidity) while tending to the garden. However, the one that seems to be my least favorite is the tail end of summer.

So as I write this, I am waiting patiently for the beginning of fall, yet summer has it's grips on these last couple of weeks within it's season. Lady Summer refuses to relinquish it's grip. Although the temps have cooled down, the humidity has forced the continued use of air conditioners here at the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast.

Well, that is all right... the saving grace is that there is only a couple of weeks left! The temperatures will eventually drop and snow will be ours before the year runs out.

So, if you have read any of my posts in the past, you will notice that I am a fan of fall! Actually this time of year is my favorite from September till February of March, (depending on how much mud is around).

And leaving you today, I send to you a link to one of my favorite postings of all, Titled "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" It really is for me and I can't wait.

Below is a list of things that are going on from now through the end of the year, and stay tuned for all the things we (both the Harvest Moon and Lancaster Count ) have for the Holidays in a post soon to come!

Historic Schaefferstown Harvest Fest  September 15--16, 2012
Weaver's Orchard Farmer's Table September 24, 2012**
New Holland Farmers Fair October 3--6 2012 
Harvest Days at Landis Valley Museum October 13, 2012
Poe Evermore at the Mt. Hope Estate and Winery November 16--18***

  **(stay two nights, we pay half your dinner price)
***(we buy your tickets with a two night stay)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Lancaster County Farmers Markets... An Age Old Tradition

A Spoiled Innkeeper!

Yeah... that's right, I'm spoiled! I get what I want when I want it, and I won't take anything less. Got something to say about it? Go ahead, I dare you!

Wow, sounds awful. But I'm really not all that bad. As an Innkeeper here in Lancaster County, I get to shop around for only the best here at our bed and breakfast!

Here's the scoop, simply stated, I live in Lancaster County... A place with a multitude of farmers and markets. Whenever I want fresh produce, I get it, and you can bet your so called "picture-perfect-tomato" you found at the grocery store that whatever I pick up is gonna be better!

Call me spoiled if you will, but that's how we roll here in Lancaster County. Fresh wholesome goodness found at  road side stands, farmers markets and even some of the individually owned grocery stores.

So, I thought since I am not all that bad, I would just jot down my favorites... and Go ahead, spoil yourself as well, you deserve it!

Lancaster Central Market -- This market is found in the center of Lancaster, it was listed as one of the top ten in the world. Lancaster Farmers Market is considered one of the oldest operating farmer markets in the country and is open on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Best time to go would be anytime of year for this event is inside.

Green Dragon -- This one is so much fun. Filled with "chatsky" stuff and real wholesome county goodness. With just about everything under the sun including auctions, homemade cheese and great french fries, this place can take up a few hours of your Friday. Best time to go, spring through fall and is found in Ephrata PA, minutes from the Harvest Moon. 

Roots Markets -- This one, on Tuesdays is another fun outside venue. Once again filled with not only all that Lancaster has to offer, but also with antiques, plants and things for just about everything. Don't get confused though when asking for directions to get there, the locals like to call it "RUTS" (don't ask why... I'm just not that local yet) Roots is only open on Tuesday.

And by the way, if you want to check all of this out, we are hosting a culinary tour based just on this topic... It's called our Dutch Harvest Tour and will be hosted on September 22, 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

Lancaster County Cheese Crawl... A Tour of Fine Artisan Cheese

A Day of Eating Fine Lancaster County Cheese

Lancaster County Cheese Tour
This tour, in a series of our Culinary "INNtensives", seems to be getting some hype. As the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast was most recently featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer, we are now releasing some of the details of this tour.

A local Lancaster County Dairy Farm
The point of our culinary "INNtensives" is to give you pertinent information on a specific culinary topic of Lancaster, do it in a short time at a reasonable price and have you leave with a new understanding of how sustainable our special part of the world is! This one just so happens to be that of cheese.

This tour brings us to local Amish and Mennonite dairy farms, Gourmet Shops  and a lunch to tie it all together right here in Lancaster County PA. The locals explain how and why they choose to add cheese making to their all ready busy lives as they also try to cope with the economic conditions.

To find out more about this exciting tour, visit our Lancaster County culinary page or call 1.888.824.3763