Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lancaster Bed and Breakfast

A Chef's Journey

You know, as a Lancaster Bed and Breakfast owner here in our great county, it took some time to finally sit down and go over all the stuff in my mind that would make our Demonstrations and Tours a reality. However after five years of doing them, it has proven to be quite a success. Needless to say, I love them. What other job is there where you get to go out to dinner, drink wine/beer, go to vineyards and learn about, well just about everything there is to know about growing grapes and making wine, (did I retain it?...don't quiz me! I will probably fail). Or what about just spending time with great people with like interest. It really is a journey in many ways that I have shared with many of you.

I look forward to 2009 as a year of discovery here in Lancaster! We have some really great places that we are heading to. New wineries, great chocolate venues, an herb presentation that will knock your socks off and of course our Cooking demos; we have added German this year. It looks like it will be a great year.

As a chef in the industry, I really must say that I have been pleasantly surprised by what Lancaster has to offer. In any area where farmland prevails and whoppie pies are the perceived culinary contribution to society, we have broken down that stereotypical consensus. It really is not the case. My travels have proven otherwise. You see, our area is where you get all the good stuff, how often can you go to the grocery store and get fresh smoked meats? I can every day! Who finds cave ripened cheese locally made within a short drive? I can! Who has the freshest of unusual locally picked produce at really reasonable prices? I do!

Do you see the connection? It has become an area for me of discovery for me. I must say that although it is not all in a one stop market, but bits and pieces are there for me to enjoy, savor and relish in. For us, handed picked, fresh smoked, organically grown, fresh brewed and expertly bottled means so much more to us living here; we actually see that it is. It is a way of life in Lancaster. Our Bed and Breakfast is in the middle of it all.

We look forward to hearing from you this year and perhaps enjoying one of our tours. It really is a great way to enjoy a culinary weekend in Pennsylvania. We look forward to being your host.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Culinary Weekends

Hey there everyone,

Just a quick note to send along the line up for our culinary weekends next year. We have a great year awaiting for you starting in January. With cheese and wine, chocolate, herb and so on. The list is ever growing. We have our Italian Demo this year focusing in on Sicilian cooking; this is a three day event geared to enjoy the Lancaster area. We also added a German Demo this year as well; with a trip to the local German Club, it is bound to be a fun demo.

Not to mention our tours. We have added two new tours this year. An Amish one in the spring and a Paranormal one in the fall during Halloween. Cheese and Wine continue to be popular and with the addition of our "Wine Camp", the kids will have a treat packing their parents away for a little R&R and a lot of fun.

Below is a list of all the great demos and tours we have lined up for our guest here at the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast. We hope to meet a lot of new people this year on our never ending quest to "knock your socks off" with getting to know the culinary side of Lancaster. Our Culinary Weekends are a great way to spend an "Edutaining" weekend.

Wine and Cheese Tours – Whether we are sampling cheeses made from goat, sheep or cow’s milk – you won’t know until we drive into the farm. These are small family businesses that often don’t even have a sign – we’ve twisted their arm into conducting a tour/tasting. Our wine tours have taken us to nearby Chester and Berks Counties and all over Lancaster, which is fast becoming known for its wines. We travel the backroads and end the day with a multi-course wine-tasting gourmet dinner. We are in our fourth year of tours, scheduled for November 15, 2008, January 24, April 18, and November 14, 2009. $150/person.

Beer and Pretzel Tours - Did you know that Lancaster used to be known as the Little Munich of America? Or that 75% of America’s pretzels are made within 100 miles of Lancaster? We’ll explore three local breweries, learn the history of Lancaster’s beer industry and watch as two local pretzel factories show us how to do the twist. We end the day with a multi-course gourmet dinner paired with… guessed it…! Tours are offered on June 13 and August 8. $150/person.

German Cooking Demo - With spring in full swing, Chef/innkeeper Carl Kosko brings to you a fascinating culinary Demonstration here in Lancaster County. In a weekend filled with not only cooking advice, but fine dining experiences and informative tours, your hosts, “German Weekend” offers the ideal “edutaining” getaway. Discover Lancaster’s deep German heritage and its contribution to the culinary flare of Lancaster County. The Harvest Moon’s “Deutches Kuche Vernuggen” tour/demo is scheduled for May 15 through the 17th. The package includes a Bavarian Cooking Demonstration, Dinner at Stoudt’s and a night out at the Lancaster “Leiderkranz$160 per person

Regional Italian Cooking Series - With the excitement of the 2009 season in the air, our regional Italian cooking series brings our next “tour of Italy” way down to Sicily. In a weekend filled with not only cooking advice, but fine dining experiences and informative tours, Harvest Moon B&B’s, “Bella Luna Weekend” (Beautiful Moon) offers the ideal “edutaining” getaway. Learn how to expertly prepare the simplest of ingredients into a work of art in your kitchen. The Harvest Moon Bella Luna Weekend is scheduled for September 24 - 26, 2009 (Sicilian Region) and a tentative one between November 5 - 7 2009 (Naples Region). These weekend packages include recipes for traditional takes on classic Italian Cooking and demonstrations on how to prepare them, along with an evening of fine dining topped off with a tour to the Central Market where the Amish sell their produce and meats each morning $160 per person

Herb Weekend - Our Herb Weekend covers all facets of these versatile plants – medicinal, culinary and just plain good gardening. This tour is a feast for the senses. We start with a culinary demonstration for lunch and then visit a Mennonite gardening shop that carries 10 different kinds of basil, stevia, and even lemongrass. Next is a lesson in container gardening with herbs, and then a medicinal guided walk through an Amish herb garden – where you’ll learn how to treat what ails you. Tour offered May 10 and 11. $150/person.

Come to Lancaster, Wake Up in Cajun Country - A murder in New Orleans? Or is it the porch at The Artist’s Inn? Hard to tell, but one thing is for sure – the hors’ dourves prepared by the two innkeepers are to die for! On Saturday afternoon, we’ll dine al fresco at The Harvest Moon B&B while we enjoy Sharon and David Prudhomme’s Cajun creations from the grill. Event offered July 11 and 12. $100/person.

Chocolate Covered Romance WeekendLancaster sits between two chocolate giants – Hershey and Godiva….but it can hold its own in this confectionary arena. We’ll enjoy an evening of Getting to Know Chocolate on Friday – learning the history of chocolate and how to taste. On Saturday, we explore several area chocolate factories and end the day with a chocolate-inspired four-course dinner. Tour offered February 28. $150/person.

Wine Camp – This intensive three-day camp will explore all things wine. It starts with a grilled dinner on the porch at The Artist’s Inn on Sunday evening, and a chocolate and wine presentation. On Monday, we explore the wines of the Lehigh Valley and on Tuesday we’ll head out to the Brandywine Valley. Both days will include multi-course gourmet wine-tasting dinners. $395/person. Tour offered September 13 - 18.

Secret Tour of Lancaster County – It’s so secret we can’t tell you the culinary details. But even if you’ve visited a lot, we guarantee you don’t know about these hidden gems! March 28, 2009. $100/person Ssshhh!

Paranormal Weekend – To be held on Halloween weekend, this tour will discover all things ghostly about Lancaster County. We’ll end the day with a spirited gourmet dinner. $125/person. Details forthcoming – scheduled for October 30 and 31.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

We Did It

Hey Folks,

WE DID IT. We had our first successful wine camp. What a treat it was. Great campers, great vendors and that weather was absolutely wonderful. The camp theme followed throughoutt the event with a final gala evening of fine food, great wine and of course awards.

The event began on Sunday evening with a spectacular wine and chocolate pairing. Who'd of thought? The two mix well together. Try the real stuff with a great wine. You will for sure be surprised. Then day one was filled with four different wineries. Tastings at each one with an explanation of a different aspect of wine. "yes it was not only for drinking; we learned a lot as well). Dinner in the evening topped the day off back for more treats at the Chocolate Cafe in Downtown Lititz. The Pot D creme at the end of the evening was really a treat.

The next day was filled with more of the same, but this time a trip to Carlinos in downtown West Chester to sample the cheese was put into the middle of it all. I finally had some cheese from the Alto Adige Region of Italy. This was great needless to say.

Dinner that evening was at Spence Cafe in downtown West Chester. Once again they out did themselves.

I will pick apart over the next couple of days certain elements of the camp. Needless to say, I am back to write. Looking forward to filling you all in on this and other finds from over the summer. So many restaurants, so little time.

See YA

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wine Camp Blog

Hello Folks,

Just wanting to let you know that every once in a while we surf the net in hopes of finding a sight that will capture the essence of what we are and today we found one. Great stuff on what Mr. Camp is all about. Check out his stuff at

I believe that this is what we have been trying to do all along with our effort in bringing our guest regional wines specific to this part of the world; right in our back door.

Enjoy the sight, I did.

Carl Kosko

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Beer Time!!

Lancaster County and beer??? I learned a lot this past weekend. The beer drinking days go deep in Lancaster County. You see, the Germans with their knowledge of beer settled in our area. With that they brought great traditions and lots of the sweet brew. Over the years many breweries popped up and by the time prohibition came to the states, Lancaster peaked at 14 breweries. The local newspaper dubbed Lancaster as the Munich of the United States.

So after a day of drinking beer, Gotta love my job!!!! we decided to end our tour at Lancaster Brewery for dinner and a tour. What a treat. Our host Casey, server Katie and our Chef were all very personable and treated our guest to an excellent evening. The meal was spectacular with plenty to eat, almost too much.

Our meal began with a Crispy Red Snapper and shaved citrus fennel salad topped with a Papaya Poppyseed Vinaigrette. The dish was good, would have preferred the skin off of the fish, but the flavors were all there. Papaya, not my favorite, but it worked with this salad. I was really impressed.

Second course got a lot of discussion. Almost like a Vietnamese Noodle Soup, this was truly a treat. With Seared Duck Breast, a lamb sausage dumpling with sprouts in a chicken consommé, this dish was as intriguing as it was delicious.

Our third course was a chilled melon soup, but simple was not the call for this one. Two different melons flavored with honey and lemon mingled the glass. The contrast of color and flavor one many on this concoction.

Our Main Entree was a wonderful short rib, hickory smoked and served over a soft aged cheddar polenta. Both were great, would have loved for the polenta to be pipping hot, but the taste of the aged cheddar was wonderful.

Dessert was good, but not the creation of our chef. He did add a strawberry salsa with the cake, which was a nice accompaniment, but after the caliber of the rest of the meal, did not live up to expectations.

All in all, the evening was wonderful, Katie was on top of her game and Casey was there to make sure that all was good.

As for the beer, well two beers with each course = ten beers, lets just say that the last four were... well they all tasted the same. The first few beers, I could tell the difference, but by the end, na... there was no way. Beers were cold crisp and each had a distinct flavor. I really liked the Hefe Weisen.

So if you ever want to join us for any of our tours, " we do have another beer and pretzel coming up" check us out at the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Getting Just a Bit Excited!!!

Here it comes. Next weekend is Beer Time. Were taking the bus and heading out. Beer and all things beer being discussed. As usual your tour guides are none other than myself and my inn keeping buddy, Jan.

So climb aboard the bus and strap in for the thrill ride of our life through the back roads of Lancaster. Our bus driver Gary is sure to bring you a comfortable ride through the Amish Country side in search of not only great micro brewed beer, but the best pretzel places one can find. These places are not your typical finds, they are a bit off the beaten path.

Well, as if that is not enough, Dinner at the Lancaster Brewing Company in Lancaster with a tour and some history after dinner. The only thing missing are the nuts. ( I am sure we will find a few on the way)

Although this one is just about full, We still have rooms available for the August 15th and 16th tour. Find out more about our Culinary Tours in scenic Lancaster County.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our latest Bed and Breakfast Wine and Cheese Tour

We did it again. The latest in our series of wine and cheese tours. Our guest have been having a great time. Lots of fun, lots of food and of course lots of wine. This particular tour lead us once again to Chester County.

We stopped by our old friend Martha to check out what types of cheese that had this time. We were just about ready to get the Camembert, but to no avail. The guest loved the dog who's toy was a fifteen pound bowling ball, (and boy did he have a grip on that). I had all I could do to get it away from him.

The cheese was great. We sampled three different varieties yesterday and then checked out the baby sheep. What a sight while they were playing in the field.

Then off to two different wineries; one in Avondale and the other West Chester. Two wonderful places. Of course the wine was too much. Delicious in every sense of the word, but too much wine. They say if you want to play with the big boys you have to be prepared. I was not I guess.

Dinner was excellent! Five courses with wine at each course. I was to the point where by the forth and fifth course, I was just sipping what they gave. It worked out well, it was just enough of the juice to settle me after sitting in the back of the van. I felt like a school kid carrying on and misbehaving and causing a raucous.

So all in all, the day was a good one. Next the Beer and Wine tour, our Cajun Murder Mystery and the Wine Camp.

All of these can be found on the Harvest Moon Web site.

See you later.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pass the Cheese Please

Just one word! Cheese. Try as I might, I just can not stay away from it; ( for someone who has to keep their cholesterol in check, that is not a good thing!). We just had our Italian Cooking Demo this past weekend and had all kinds of cheese to taste on Saturday night.

I fell in love with the La Tur. A wonderfully creamy cheese. I just about ate the whole thing; so what, I love cheese!! All though I had to restrain from the indulgence and behave. It would have been worth the looks that next morning . Simply stated, The damn cheese is that good!!!

Below is a description of La Tur. Hope you can find it. It is well worth the search.

Find out more about our tours/demos at the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast.

La Tur

Country of Origin: Italy

Milk Type: Mix Milk Treatment (R=Raw, P=Pasteurized): P

Rennet Type (A=Animal, V=Vegetable): A Flag Group: white

Flavor Intensity (1=Mild, 5=Sharp or Strong): 2

Texture: soft

Description: La Tur is made with milk from Cow, Sheep, and Goat. The curds are drained in small molds about 3 inches in diameter and 1 1/2 inches tall -- and then matured for only 10 days at the dairy. The texture is silky and almost fluffy. Its taste is very delicate with an sense of tart cream with a slight earthy/mushroom impression.

Wine Suggestion: Ceretto Arneis Blange: a wine that smells like honey, almonds and pine needles. Its slight spritziness and faint sweetness complement the delicate cheese, producing a happy marriage of two products from the same region. Moscato di'Asti also pairs well.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hello There

Hello everyone,
Here is a video that I made for Anthony Bordain. Enjoy!!!!! Check out our culinary tours on our website at the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast

Monday, May 12, 2008

How about a recipe

Hey there folks,

How about a recipe. You can find all of our recipes at the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast under the culinary tidings tab.

Have fun and enjoy this one. It's one of my favorites.

Shrimp Dill and Havarti in Phyllo

I cup of chopped shrimp cooked, peeled and vein removed

¼ cup of fresh chopped dill

1 cup of shredded Havarti cheese

1tsp of chopped garlic

1 package of Phyllo Dough and melted butter about one stick.

Mix dill, shrimp, garlic and cheese in bowl then set aside. Open Phyllo Dough up and place a clean damp cloth over the top or keep covered in some similar fashion. Place one sheet of Phyllo on counter and brush with melted butter. Place another sheet on top and repeat. Do this for about ten sheets of Phyllo. Then add your mixture. Roll, brush with butter and bake in 350 degree oven for about 10 to 15 minutes or as long as it takes to turn golden brown. Remove from oven and cool to touch. Take slices about ¾ quarter inch thick and serve on a garnished platter.

Friday, May 9, 2008

My Trip to Hershey

Good Morning Lancaster...

Hershey... what a place. Great Chocolate, great rides, great times, what a place. A place that is full of kids screaming, parents yelling and teenagers having a great time. Well they have this place called chocolate world, shows you the production of chocolate and how they go about distributing it to the world. The whole process is explained in great detail.

I was fortunate enough to go with my son last week on this field trip. What an experience! Mostly positive in every light... just mostly though. (I will explain later) but first back to Chocolate World. I remember the place as a child, some thirty five years ago. I remember the use of G.I. Joe men to use as production workers while going on the tour, (back when kids played with them). It was great back then as well. Now however, as with the rest of the world, they have gone High Tech. Singing Cows, heat sensors, smells wafting through the air of, you guessed it, chocolate and automated colors and images brings this unique ride into the current century. Truly an experience for the young and young at heart. My third grader was with his buddies and thoroughly enjoyed the bonding with them. I on the other hand was left on my own like the candy wrappers that don the hallways of chocolate world itself.

Hershey has some great chocolate bars, my all time favorite, Take Five. What a treat that is. Pretzel with caramel with peanut butter with chocolate... I'm salivating as I sit here thinking about it. Of course they have others, but that is about all I go for these days. Hershey chocolate is not all I look for in chocolate, I prefer a deeper, richer chocolate, dark of course is where I tend to go when looking for chocolate. Love it with wine as well. ( We are planning a wine camp where we pair chocolate and wine together in September. Check it out at the Harvest Moon Website.)

As I said it was a good experience, lots of kids having a great time, perfect for the age group that we were with and just a special day for my son and I. So that is the sweet side of it all, now for the medicine... yea you knew it was coming. Shall I begin with the bus ride? The driver was one from hell, I swear I could see the buds of baby horns on her forehead. How any kid could put up with her was beyond me. First thing she said was not to open to many windows, It was more than eighty degrees that day, the bus was hot. Then she jerked the bus around like a child's toy. Kids were sick everywhere, ( also adults). She must get the motion sickness complaint often because she had a bag pulled out in no time.

Then of course my son gets stuck with the rotten apple. The kid would not listen, did his own thing and seemed to have no guidance what so ever. I tried, but wow what a handful.

When it all comes down to it, the day was good, my son was happy and we did have a great day with just the two of us.

Well, that is it for Hershey, the chocolate that I prefer is Wilbur's in Lititz. Worth checking out.

Talk with you later.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How about Anthony Bourdain?

Just a quick posting to fill you in on one of my favorite television shows of late. I am not one for those fluffy cooking shows with lots of hugs and kisses and teddy bears... it bores me!! I am one for the guts. One that goes after the true heart of cooking; one that is not afraid, ashamed, or abashed to spell it all out. Let's face it, the cooking industry is a bit rough around the edges... I have been in it long enough to see the outcome of several people. Only the strong can pull from it's powerful grip.
However in saying so, even after all the years of being an Innkeeper, I often refer back to those days of careless abandonment and in some small way wish that I could relive them. Well with Anthony, I can live it through him.

Not long ago, he asked for his viewers to come up with video on why he should take them on a trip, that trip being someplace that you (the viewer) wants to go. I made one, thought it was great, I did not get to go however. The video was based on a trip to the Alto Adige region of Italy. An area that truly explores both the German and Italian way of life.

You know, our cooking demos explore this very topic. We have one coming up in a couple of weeks at the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast
Here we will discuss the food of this specific region. Truly a unique flavor all in it's own right.

Well I spoke enough. If you have a chance, check out Anthony. You have to have a bit of grit to get into it, but once you do...

Monday, May 5, 2008

Plant Time

As I sit here and write, I wonder today how I am going to get it all done. You see, the plants are waiting outside to be planted. Yes, each year I tell myself that I have had enough with the planting. I will tone it down and stop while I am ahead and just take care of the plants I all ready have. Well it never works out that way. I always extend the gardens ( and myself) providing yet new and exciting gardens for the guest. I am doing the same this year as well. I am now at the point where It looks like I may need to put in a new backyard patio to make the gardens look better. We will see.

The point of this correspondence is to fill you in on the herb garden this year. Looks really good for the beginning of the year. I have the typical stuff like basil, oregano, dill and others, but I have tried some new stuff this year as well. I have some Bronze Fennel and Lovage. Really nice stuff. The flavor behind them seem to really carry themselves well. I love to use the fennel in light summer salads and then when the seed is ready, I like to use that in homemade sausage. Really adds a nice flavor. As for the lovage, you can use that in dumplings and meatballs. Lovage adds a nice rounded flavor, bringing a richness to your meal.

I like to go to King's Herb Nook in Honey Brook PA. What a great place, nothing special, but she has all of the herbs you may want. The owner is knowledgeable and if she does not have an answer for you, she will for sure look it up. Just a great place to spend an hour looking around for that great find. She also has perennials and vegetables as well. Unique finds are always there.

If that is not enough, she makes her own soap with the ingredients that she grows. The family makes there own bread as well. Her shop if full of great things either homemade or useful for medicinal needs.

Our herb tour among other things will be bringing people to Kings this year in hopes of showing them one of the areas great finds.

You can find out more about the Herb Tour coming real soon at the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast

Tuesday, April 8, 2008




Experience a journey through several of the most celebrated culinary venues of Italy

Chef/Innkeeper Carl Kosko offers invaluable advice and recipes

New Holland, PA. – With the excitement of the 2008 season in the air, Chef/innkeeper Carl Kosko brings to light ways to WOW your dinner guest with specific detailed regional Italian Cooking. In a weekend filled with not only cooking advice, but fine dining experiences and informative tours, Harvest Moon B&B’s, “Bella Luna Weekend” (Beautiful Moon) offers the ideal

“edutaining” getaway. Learn how to expertly prepare the simplest of ingredients into a work of art in your kitchen. The Harvest Moon Bella Luna Weekend is scheduled for May 16th and 17th and October 17th and 18th. These weekend packages include recipes for traditional takes on

classic Italian Cooking and demonstrations on how to prepare them, along with an evening of fine dining topped off with a tour to the Central Market where the Amish sell their produce and meats each morning. All of this is set at The Harvest Moon B&B, in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, where the clip clop of Amish buggies is heard in tune with the chopping of fresh herbs, and both combine to offer the perfect culinary excursion.

At the heart of Harvest Moon’s Regional Italian Cooking Weekends is a demonstration of wonderful new ways to prepare traditional Tuscan dishes. Watch as Chef Carl prepares the following recipes, which all participants will take home.

Guests who take part in the weekend package will enjoy a four-course gourmet meal at a local gourmet restaurant and also a wonderful cheese tasting back at Harvest Moon. Suggestions for pairings with wines will be included, and guests are welcome to bring their favorite wines to enjoy with the Antipasti tasting. The weekend will conclude with a tour of Lancaster’s Central Market, where Amish and Mennonite farmers bring their produce and meat to sell each day.

Top this culinary adventure off with romantic accommodations including two-story suites and Jacuzzi tubs, and the Harvest Moon B&B’s “Bella Luna Weekend” will be the perfect way to enjoy your culinary vacation.

**May 16th and 17th 2008 Northern Italian Weekend Explore this unique area as we discuss the German/Austrian influence into the Alto Adige area of Italy. Truly a blend of two cultures in every sense of the word.

**October 17th and 18th 2008 Emilia - Romagna Weekend A land of some of the best flavors of Italy; a place where Parmesan Cheese has it's origins; a culture that celebrates it's Italian heritage with great the great flavors of this distinguished region. (Only one room left for this one)

The “Bella Luna Weekend” includes:

  • Breakfast each morning
  • A collection of Italian Recipes extracted from personal travels and well loved cookbooks
  • “Bella Luna” cooking demonstration
  • Four course dinner one night
  • Antipasti tasting
  • Tour of Lancaster’s Central Market
  • A fine gift from Harvest Moon

All for $275.00 per couple (not including tax)

In order to keep the weekend personalized, limited space is available. Book now by calling 888-824-3763 or visit

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Herb Tour of Lancaster County


A Culinary Diversion: The Many Faces of Herbs

With the help of local experts and nurseries, they will explore all facets of herbs – starting with aesthetically pleasing additions to gardens, whether in containers, traditional herb gardens or intermingled with favorite perennial partners.

They’ll learn the medicinal properties, new ways to use both the fragrance and taste of herbs and finish the day with a feast of a five-course herb-inspired dinner on Saturday night.

The package is offered at $250 per couple and includes all tours, tastings, lunch, dinner and transportation. The event is open to the public. Guests can arrange to stay at any of the bed and breakfasts and receive a special herb-inspired gift basket.

Contact Carl Kosko at the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast

Harvest Moon Bed & Breakfast

Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Holland Farmers Market

What do you think about that? Changes are happening everywhere in Lancaster County. Check it out! Little towns, the likes of New Holland, are starting to comprehend the agricultural significance of the area that they live in. I am sure they knew all along, but important changes are sprouting up all over the place.

About seven years ago, New Holland revived its Business Association, which was filled with rigid, unwilling to change, keep it as it is, “if it is not broken…” status quo members. After hosting several successful events, including the Christmas in the Park event that grows each year, they are now seeing that changes must take place in order to compete in the future. With that being said, our very own Farmers Market, thanks to a visionary, has sprouted here in New Holland.

From its successful beginnings last year, the event began as a way to get exposure for the local farmers and opportunities to sell their goods. From home-grown produce, flowers and ornamentals to dairy items including cheeses and ice cream, the New Holland Farmers Market has surprises for everyone.

This year the Farmers Market will be adding special events throughout the season, including demos from yours truly. I was asked to do demonstrations throughout the season, bringing to light how to utilize the local’s larder in a recipe that they can bring home. Each demonstration will revolve around a certain theme and highlight the great items that are readily available in our area.

You know, I am looking forward to this; my family would say, “anything to be the center of attention”. They are probably right, but it is much larger than that. I look at this as a way to connect with the community. Here in New Holland, we are all dots who have been waiting some time for the “Culinary Wizard” to connect us; it looks like our time has now come. We here at the Harvest Moon are excited.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Friday Night Pizza Night

Hellooooo there,

Welcome back everyone. Here I am again spouting the mouth off on some odd culinary diversion to set my mind at ease. Nothing like the talk of food to put you on a different level, I that I am right about now at the end of the day!

We love to cook pizza here at the Harvest Moon You see, every Friday Night here is Pizza Night! I drive the guest crazy with the smell wafting through the house. A family tradition well for what is now four generations at least. My father's Mother has passed the cheese grater and rolling pin all the way down to my son. Nine years old and all ready in the sauce, (making it quiet good I might add).

You see; when all is set for the weekend, my son and I work on the pizza together, just as my father and I did years ago. I thought with two older kids, I would at least of one that would pick it up, but they were holding out for the last one I suppose. We, [my son and I] get all the ingredients together which includes:
1. Whole peeled tomatoes // 1 lg can
2. Fresh Garlic chopped fine // 3 cloves
3. Fresh Basil chopped fine // 2 sprigs
4. Oregano // 2 tsps
5. Salt to taste
6. Pepper to taste
7. Olive Oil 1/2 cup
8. Tomato Paste 1 sm can
9. Water to thin paste 1 sm can

Now mind you, I don't measure!!! So these amounts may be a bit off, but try it out. See what you like best, this is not Rocket Science here, your taste buds will tell you.

Put this on your favorite dough; go ahead, make a dough, I dare ya'!! That is what separates us big boys from the little ones; nothing better than a home baked pizza dough. Don't forget that before you put your dough on the pizza pan, you should put a little Crisco on the pan to make the bottom of the dough crispy. ( What about the burnt sweet sauce flavor that you sometimes get on the bottom of the pizza?) Try dropping a bit of sauce over the edge of the dough onto the pan.

Once you have the sauce on the pizza, top with your favorite toppings. Just remember, better ingredients make for a better pizza, so whatever you put on it, make it count.

Finally, bake the pizza at 350~ on bottom rack for about 15 to 20 minutes, move to top rack and let the cheese turn golden brown. Remove and slice. Enjoy!!! Mangiare!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

I Found a New Restaurant ( a Lancaster Restaurant Review)

Hey there,

I discovered something new the other day. Just on a whim, we decided to go to a restaurant that I have never tried. Skeptical for I never tasted the food before, I thought that it would be a good idea to broaden my horizons a bit. We decided to go to Lemon Grass Thai Restaurant on Lincoln Highway in Lancaster across from the Rockvale Square Outlets. A smaller place in a strip mall; but don't let this sway you from trying it out.

After sitting down and enjoying the comfortable atmosphere, we looked at our menus and decided to go with the lunch menu that they offered. A choice of three different soups; four of five different appetizers and the same with the main offering.

For a soup we tried the Thai Lemon Grass and The Chicken Coconut. Both were outstanding. The Coconut was especially wonderful, (although I Hate Coconut). A creamy blend but nothing heavy. Great unique flavor and something that I could have eaten given my background with coconut.

For the appetizers, we had the crispy rolls and the Thai Dumplings. Once again we hit a streak, both were wonderful. Full of great flavor and both very intriguing. The Dumplings were served with a sauce that was just right to compliment the flavors inside, being careful not to overpower the delicate flavor. What I liked most is that it was all homemade here.

Then the main dish. We choose the BBQ chicken and the Druken Noodles. The chicken that day was not to our liking. A little dry and not with much flavor. However the Druken Noodles were what I believe Thai Food is all about. What a unique flavor combination. All I could compare this to is the complex flavor of a great wine. Lots of herbs and spices going on that not all were figured out. We decided to send the chicken back and get a second Druken Noodle. I will come back and try the chicken another time to give it a second chance.

So my skepticism has been wiped away, (as far as Thai goes) and I will frequent this place as often as I can. Once again if you can believe it, this restaurant is right here in Lancaster County. About a half hour drive from the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Chicken Scrapple

Hey there,

OK, so growing up in the mid Atlantic area, you become familiar with Scrapple! My uncle introduced it to me as a child. I was hooked. That crispy, fatty, breakfast item that dons many PA Dutch morning tables. I remember asking what it was one day, being just a child, and was told "MEAT". I recall saying at that age, Yeah, well gee is it great!!

Well as I got older, my curiosities ran wild and I decided to read the ingredients... Oops!! should not have done that. Much to my dismay, I was shocked, hurt beyond all belief that my own family let me eat this.. this..whatever it was!

I had a mission, I was to become a chef and develop a scrapple that was not "brain" food, (literally). So I set off to go to college and learn Culinary. And so it was without question my goal to complete. After getting caught up in chocolate mousse, crepes and souffles, I forgot my goal. Until the day I moved back down to Lancaster county. I remembered. Yes! My calling has come full circle and I once again felt whole. I could now come up with a recipe that was good to eat and good for you as well.

The results of my life long goal are yours to relish. Take it and realize the mission I have been on to perfect the art of scrapple making!!


Harvest Moon's Homemade Chicken Scrapple

Two lbs Ground Chicken

Two c water

Two chicken bouillon

Two tbls poultry seasoning

Salt, pepper, and garlic powder

One c corn flour, or a finely ground corn meal

Brown chicken in pan stirring constantly .Add water, bouillon, poultry seasoning, salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste. Stir till all ingredients are combined. Add corn flour, or a finely ground corn meal. Stir constantly until well thickened, almost like a mush. If using corn meal, cook a bit longer and add a bit of water if needed.

Line a loaf pan with plastic wrap and pour mush into lined pan. Chill overnight. Remove from pan and cut slices off as needed. Place in hot pan with a bit of butter; Sauté on both sides till golden brown.

Serve hot with fruit butter if available.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Hello again,

Well, last week was certainly a full week of excitement here in our neck of the woods. Well with all the holidays, who could keep track? You had the kickoff on the second with Groundhog Day, of course six more weeks of winter. Then On Tuesday we celebrated Shrove Tuesday A.K.A. Mardi Gras, A.K.A. Fat Tuesday. Then on Wednesday well that was Ash Wednesday and then to round it all off, we celebrated Chinese New Year on Thursday. What a busy week.

And you might ask what all of this has to do with the Culinary World... Well I'll tell you! Can you say Fastnachts? (Do you even know what they are?) Well it is not that difficult. Here in Lancaster County, the Pennsylvania Dutch like to make these little donuts which originated in Germany. Here at the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast, we have celebrated ( as if the wine is not enough) the day by offering these tasty little treats. The day would not be right without them.

According to Pennsylvania Dutch folklore, the tradition of serving fastnachts - hearty, doughnut-like pastries - comes from the tradition of "using up the fat in the kitchen" before Lent. Today, thousands of the baked goods are deep-fried and served plain or with a sugar topping on the day before Ash Wednesday, also known as "Fat Tuesday." **

So next year when thinking about what to serve during the last days of Mardi Gras, bookmark this post and save the recipe. You will be surprised. Here is a link for the recipe for Fastnachts. Enjoy!!!
This recipe is from Teris Kitchen.

** As Taken from the PA Dutch Country Website

Monday, February 4, 2008

Wine is fine and so is the cheese

Well, here I am again after a whirlwind tour of two new wineries and one Sheep Dairy Farm. The discovery tour was, needless to say, fun (as they all are) but what a ride through the country side. A never ending tour of new and exciting roads that sometimes led us to, well, nowhere.

The farm we checked out was actually in Chester county. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the friendliest chocolate lab I have ever met. Big paws and everything were waiting for me as I exited my car door. As we came around the corner, the pug with an attitude came to sniff out the riff raff; us. After our initial greetings, we found out that the sheep were eating breakfast. They were not interested in us at all, we were just a bother to them. So leaving the fields, and embarking on yet another culinary quest, we found with our guides help where she made the cheese, a small "factory" with just the right amount of room. After a brief synopsis of what the process is, it was time for the moment of truth. Yes we were delighted to try not one but two of her cheeses. The Romano and the Manchengo. Both were wonderful, almost as nice as the two dogs vying for attention from their out-of-county visitors.

As we departed with cheese in hand and the dogs bidding farewell, we knew it was off to the winery. OK now the fun begins, we found the first winery just fine; a wonderful winery that has decided to run a "green" operation. Wine was very good. The next winery was a bit of a trick. Va La Vineyards is the name, we must have gone all over the place just to find it. Well when we did, we were pooped. I was ready to go home, but not after some wine. Well needless to say the Wine was wonderful. What a great place with lots of unique blends of grapes to create some really fascinating wines. By the time we finished our forth glass, I was happy once again to be doing what I do. I knew the way home, and all was once again good.

WE could put this one down for a tour. Although not in Lancaster, it was one for the books. . The tour will be in April and the information can be found here at the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast
Soooo, I think we got it, another great tour, great wine and great cheese and although not in Lancaster this time, what a welcomed addition to our list.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Who Sliced the Cheese

You know the back country roads are filled with more than just winding turns and sudden stops at turns with a buggy in front of you as you try to play dodge with, well, whatever was left behind. You might ask at that point who has sliced the cheese. Well, here in New Holland, we have the makers of the little triangle boxes of goat cheese. They have been making this cheese for quite some time here. On a commercial note, not bad, but for the good stuff, you have to do a little digging.

Well with the help of the state we found all kinds of great things right at our fingertips. What a surprise. Theses cheeses are hand crafted using only the freshest of ingredients. Non pasteurized milk lends to the unique taste of many of the cheeses that are produced. The local Amish Farmers are still making cheese the old fashioned way, and it shows. We have discovered some cheese that is actually caved-ripened right here in Lancaster county. Who would have thought? We have not been to all of the ones the state offers, but we are doing our best. We do offer a cheese and wine tour at the Bed and Breakfast that takes guests on tours of the country side to do nothing but eat cheese and drink wine. Eat more wine and drink more cheese; tas mor win and drik mor che.. I forget; what are we doing? Well in any case I think you get the point, what a day it always is.

What about trying out Shady Maple. They may not make their own cheese, but they sure know how to smoke what they have. I often get the smoked swiss up there and go to town with it. I may just have some tonight before I go to bed, "that won't keep me up all night."

Well the cheese is being sliced all over the place around here in Lancaster; in a good way. Come try it out, you won't be disappointed.

The State of the County

The state of the county. Wow! that sounds official. Sounds like the president is coming through again. Well maybe not the president, but a new wave of culinary excellence has made it's way all the way here to our little home town of New Holland. In our neck of the woods, where shoofly pie and corn pudding is on everyones dinner table, the best of the best is starting to get some play.

I decided after packing up the knives a few years back, (pie and pudding are not the answers) that I would do some research. Well I knew what that meant, exhausting hours riding on horseback through the back country roads on bitter cold days. Beautiful landscape, but OMG do the horses stink or what. ( You like that OMG? Got it from my daughter). Well after giving up the horse and hitchhiking across the county and through the city, I discovered that Lancaster is changing. What? Could this be? A renaissance of sorts? Well in the beginning the changes were small, you know, such as Dirt Pudding and maybe some wild greens for salad. But the winds of change were taking place and brought with them the aroma of Lancaster's culinary future, (as well as the horses !#$% ) here in Lancaster County.

Now here for over six years, I can honestly say that my knives have been found. After several glasses of wine, lost neighbors, disgruntled family members, a few more glasses of wine and some soul searching, I have them in hand. Now with my apron on, I am ready to conquer the world with them, one Turducken at a time.

So this is in part a welcome letter to all, join in on the conversations. Have some fun and enjoy the culinary side of Lancaster. Really it is not just about the dumplings and soft bread, you can find the good stuff. I have. Over the course of this blog I will put out there what I have discovered. Have some comments on things? know something I don't? (doubt it); jot it down. Just have some fun; a good friend of mine says a little wine always helps. I am beginning to understand.

The state of the county is by far in better shape than a few years ago. Or should I say I just had to go and find the state of the county. Well, whatever it is, the state is.. in good shape. Let's discover it all together.