Monday, February 11, 2008


Hello again,

Well, last week was certainly a full week of excitement here in our neck of the woods. Well with all the holidays, who could keep track? You had the kickoff on the second with Groundhog Day, of course six more weeks of winter. Then On Tuesday we celebrated Shrove Tuesday A.K.A. Mardi Gras, A.K.A. Fat Tuesday. Then on Wednesday well that was Ash Wednesday and then to round it all off, we celebrated Chinese New Year on Thursday. What a busy week.

And you might ask what all of this has to do with the Culinary World... Well I'll tell you! Can you say Fastnachts? (Do you even know what they are?) Well it is not that difficult. Here in Lancaster County, the Pennsylvania Dutch like to make these little donuts which originated in Germany. Here at the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast, we have celebrated ( as if the wine is not enough) the day by offering these tasty little treats. The day would not be right without them.

According to Pennsylvania Dutch folklore, the tradition of serving fastnachts - hearty, doughnut-like pastries - comes from the tradition of "using up the fat in the kitchen" before Lent. Today, thousands of the baked goods are deep-fried and served plain or with a sugar topping on the day before Ash Wednesday, also known as "Fat Tuesday." **

So next year when thinking about what to serve during the last days of Mardi Gras, bookmark this post and save the recipe. You will be surprised. Here is a link for the recipe for Fastnachts. Enjoy!!!
This recipe is from Teris Kitchen.

** As Taken from the PA Dutch Country Website

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