Monday, February 4, 2008

Wine is fine and so is the cheese

Well, here I am again after a whirlwind tour of two new wineries and one Sheep Dairy Farm. The discovery tour was, needless to say, fun (as they all are) but what a ride through the country side. A never ending tour of new and exciting roads that sometimes led us to, well, nowhere.

The farm we checked out was actually in Chester county. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the friendliest chocolate lab I have ever met. Big paws and everything were waiting for me as I exited my car door. As we came around the corner, the pug with an attitude came to sniff out the riff raff; us. After our initial greetings, we found out that the sheep were eating breakfast. They were not interested in us at all, we were just a bother to them. So leaving the fields, and embarking on yet another culinary quest, we found with our guides help where she made the cheese, a small "factory" with just the right amount of room. After a brief synopsis of what the process is, it was time for the moment of truth. Yes we were delighted to try not one but two of her cheeses. The Romano and the Manchengo. Both were wonderful, almost as nice as the two dogs vying for attention from their out-of-county visitors.

As we departed with cheese in hand and the dogs bidding farewell, we knew it was off to the winery. OK now the fun begins, we found the first winery just fine; a wonderful winery that has decided to run a "green" operation. Wine was very good. The next winery was a bit of a trick. Va La Vineyards is the name, we must have gone all over the place just to find it. Well when we did, we were pooped. I was ready to go home, but not after some wine. Well needless to say the Wine was wonderful. What a great place with lots of unique blends of grapes to create some really fascinating wines. By the time we finished our forth glass, I was happy once again to be doing what I do. I knew the way home, and all was once again good.

WE could put this one down for a tour. Although not in Lancaster, it was one for the books. . The tour will be in April and the information can be found here at the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast
Soooo, I think we got it, another great tour, great wine and great cheese and although not in Lancaster this time, what a welcomed addition to our list.

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