Monday, March 10, 2008

Friday Night Pizza Night

Hellooooo there,

Welcome back everyone. Here I am again spouting the mouth off on some odd culinary diversion to set my mind at ease. Nothing like the talk of food to put you on a different level, I that I am right about now at the end of the day!

We love to cook pizza here at the Harvest Moon You see, every Friday Night here is Pizza Night! I drive the guest crazy with the smell wafting through the house. A family tradition well for what is now four generations at least. My father's Mother has passed the cheese grater and rolling pin all the way down to my son. Nine years old and all ready in the sauce, (making it quiet good I might add).

You see; when all is set for the weekend, my son and I work on the pizza together, just as my father and I did years ago. I thought with two older kids, I would at least of one that would pick it up, but they were holding out for the last one I suppose. We, [my son and I] get all the ingredients together which includes:
1. Whole peeled tomatoes // 1 lg can
2. Fresh Garlic chopped fine // 3 cloves
3. Fresh Basil chopped fine // 2 sprigs
4. Oregano // 2 tsps
5. Salt to taste
6. Pepper to taste
7. Olive Oil 1/2 cup
8. Tomato Paste 1 sm can
9. Water to thin paste 1 sm can

Now mind you, I don't measure!!! So these amounts may be a bit off, but try it out. See what you like best, this is not Rocket Science here, your taste buds will tell you.

Put this on your favorite dough; go ahead, make a dough, I dare ya'!! That is what separates us big boys from the little ones; nothing better than a home baked pizza dough. Don't forget that before you put your dough on the pizza pan, you should put a little Crisco on the pan to make the bottom of the dough crispy. ( What about the burnt sweet sauce flavor that you sometimes get on the bottom of the pizza?) Try dropping a bit of sauce over the edge of the dough onto the pan.

Once you have the sauce on the pizza, top with your favorite toppings. Just remember, better ingredients make for a better pizza, so whatever you put on it, make it count.

Finally, bake the pizza at 350~ on bottom rack for about 15 to 20 minutes, move to top rack and let the cheese turn golden brown. Remove and slice. Enjoy!!! Mangiare!!

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