Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How about Anthony Bourdain?

Just a quick posting to fill you in on one of my favorite television shows of late. I am not one for those fluffy cooking shows with lots of hugs and kisses and teddy bears... it bores me!! I am one for the guts. One that goes after the true heart of cooking; one that is not afraid, ashamed, or abashed to spell it all out. Let's face it, the cooking industry is a bit rough around the edges... I have been in it long enough to see the outcome of several people. Only the strong can pull from it's powerful grip.
However in saying so, even after all the years of being an Innkeeper, I often refer back to those days of careless abandonment and in some small way wish that I could relive them. Well with Anthony, I can live it through him.

Not long ago, he asked for his viewers to come up with video on why he should take them on a trip, that trip being someplace that you (the viewer) wants to go. I made one, thought it was great, I did not get to go however. The video was based on a trip to the Alto Adige region of Italy. An area that truly explores both the German and Italian way of life.

You know, our cooking demos explore this very topic. We have one coming up in a couple of weeks at the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast
Here we will discuss the food of this specific region. Truly a unique flavor all in it's own right.

Well I spoke enough. If you have a chance, check out Anthony. You have to have a bit of grit to get into it, but once you do...

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