Friday, May 9, 2008

My Trip to Hershey

Good Morning Lancaster...

Hershey... what a place. Great Chocolate, great rides, great times, what a place. A place that is full of kids screaming, parents yelling and teenagers having a great time. Well they have this place called chocolate world, shows you the production of chocolate and how they go about distributing it to the world. The whole process is explained in great detail.

I was fortunate enough to go with my son last week on this field trip. What an experience! Mostly positive in every light... just mostly though. (I will explain later) but first back to Chocolate World. I remember the place as a child, some thirty five years ago. I remember the use of G.I. Joe men to use as production workers while going on the tour, (back when kids played with them). It was great back then as well. Now however, as with the rest of the world, they have gone High Tech. Singing Cows, heat sensors, smells wafting through the air of, you guessed it, chocolate and automated colors and images brings this unique ride into the current century. Truly an experience for the young and young at heart. My third grader was with his buddies and thoroughly enjoyed the bonding with them. I on the other hand was left on my own like the candy wrappers that don the hallways of chocolate world itself.

Hershey has some great chocolate bars, my all time favorite, Take Five. What a treat that is. Pretzel with caramel with peanut butter with chocolate... I'm salivating as I sit here thinking about it. Of course they have others, but that is about all I go for these days. Hershey chocolate is not all I look for in chocolate, I prefer a deeper, richer chocolate, dark of course is where I tend to go when looking for chocolate. Love it with wine as well. ( We are planning a wine camp where we pair chocolate and wine together in September. Check it out at the Harvest Moon Website.)

As I said it was a good experience, lots of kids having a great time, perfect for the age group that we were with and just a special day for my son and I. So that is the sweet side of it all, now for the medicine... yea you knew it was coming. Shall I begin with the bus ride? The driver was one from hell, I swear I could see the buds of baby horns on her forehead. How any kid could put up with her was beyond me. First thing she said was not to open to many windows, It was more than eighty degrees that day, the bus was hot. Then she jerked the bus around like a child's toy. Kids were sick everywhere, ( also adults). She must get the motion sickness complaint often because she had a bag pulled out in no time.

Then of course my son gets stuck with the rotten apple. The kid would not listen, did his own thing and seemed to have no guidance what so ever. I tried, but wow what a handful.

When it all comes down to it, the day was good, my son was happy and we did have a great day with just the two of us.

Well, that is it for Hershey, the chocolate that I prefer is Wilbur's in Lititz. Worth checking out.

Talk with you later.

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