Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pass the Cheese Please

Just one word! Cheese. Try as I might, I just can not stay away from it; ( for someone who has to keep their cholesterol in check, that is not a good thing!). We just had our Italian Cooking Demo this past weekend and had all kinds of cheese to taste on Saturday night.

I fell in love with the La Tur. A wonderfully creamy cheese. I just about ate the whole thing; so what, I love cheese!! All though I had to restrain from the indulgence and behave. It would have been worth the looks that next morning . Simply stated, The damn cheese is that good!!!

Below is a description of La Tur. Hope you can find it. It is well worth the search.

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La Tur

Country of Origin: Italy

Milk Type: Mix Milk Treatment (R=Raw, P=Pasteurized): P

Rennet Type (A=Animal, V=Vegetable): A Flag Group: white

Flavor Intensity (1=Mild, 5=Sharp or Strong): 2

Texture: soft

Description: La Tur is made with milk from Cow, Sheep, and Goat. The curds are drained in small molds about 3 inches in diameter and 1 1/2 inches tall -- and then matured for only 10 days at the dairy. The texture is silky and almost fluffy. Its taste is very delicate with an sense of tart cream with a slight earthy/mushroom impression.

Wine Suggestion: Ceretto Arneis Blange: a wine that smells like honey, almonds and pine needles. Its slight spritziness and faint sweetness complement the delicate cheese, producing a happy marriage of two products from the same region. Moscato di'Asti also pairs well.

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