Monday, May 5, 2008

Plant Time

As I sit here and write, I wonder today how I am going to get it all done. You see, the plants are waiting outside to be planted. Yes, each year I tell myself that I have had enough with the planting. I will tone it down and stop while I am ahead and just take care of the plants I all ready have. Well it never works out that way. I always extend the gardens ( and myself) providing yet new and exciting gardens for the guest. I am doing the same this year as well. I am now at the point where It looks like I may need to put in a new backyard patio to make the gardens look better. We will see.

The point of this correspondence is to fill you in on the herb garden this year. Looks really good for the beginning of the year. I have the typical stuff like basil, oregano, dill and others, but I have tried some new stuff this year as well. I have some Bronze Fennel and Lovage. Really nice stuff. The flavor behind them seem to really carry themselves well. I love to use the fennel in light summer salads and then when the seed is ready, I like to use that in homemade sausage. Really adds a nice flavor. As for the lovage, you can use that in dumplings and meatballs. Lovage adds a nice rounded flavor, bringing a richness to your meal.

I like to go to King's Herb Nook in Honey Brook PA. What a great place, nothing special, but she has all of the herbs you may want. The owner is knowledgeable and if she does not have an answer for you, she will for sure look it up. Just a great place to spend an hour looking around for that great find. She also has perennials and vegetables as well. Unique finds are always there.

If that is not enough, she makes her own soap with the ingredients that she grows. The family makes there own bread as well. Her shop if full of great things either homemade or useful for medicinal needs.

Our herb tour among other things will be bringing people to Kings this year in hopes of showing them one of the areas great finds.

You can find out more about the Herb Tour coming real soon at the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast

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