Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wine Camp Blog

Hello Folks,

Just wanting to let you know that every once in a while we surf the net in hopes of finding a sight that will capture the essence of what we are and today we found one. Great stuff on what Mr. Camp is all about. Check out his stuff at

I believe that this is what we have been trying to do all along with our effort in bringing our guest regional wines specific to this part of the world; right in our back door.

Enjoy the sight, I did.

Carl Kosko

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Beer Time!!

Lancaster County and beer??? I learned a lot this past weekend. The beer drinking days go deep in Lancaster County. You see, the Germans with their knowledge of beer settled in our area. With that they brought great traditions and lots of the sweet brew. Over the years many breweries popped up and by the time prohibition came to the states, Lancaster peaked at 14 breweries. The local newspaper dubbed Lancaster as the Munich of the United States.

So after a day of drinking beer, Gotta love my job!!!! we decided to end our tour at Lancaster Brewery for dinner and a tour. What a treat. Our host Casey, server Katie and our Chef were all very personable and treated our guest to an excellent evening. The meal was spectacular with plenty to eat, almost too much.

Our meal began with a Crispy Red Snapper and shaved citrus fennel salad topped with a Papaya Poppyseed Vinaigrette. The dish was good, would have preferred the skin off of the fish, but the flavors were all there. Papaya, not my favorite, but it worked with this salad. I was really impressed.

Second course got a lot of discussion. Almost like a Vietnamese Noodle Soup, this was truly a treat. With Seared Duck Breast, a lamb sausage dumpling with sprouts in a chicken consommé, this dish was as intriguing as it was delicious.

Our third course was a chilled melon soup, but simple was not the call for this one. Two different melons flavored with honey and lemon mingled the glass. The contrast of color and flavor one many on this concoction.

Our Main Entree was a wonderful short rib, hickory smoked and served over a soft aged cheddar polenta. Both were great, would have loved for the polenta to be pipping hot, but the taste of the aged cheddar was wonderful.

Dessert was good, but not the creation of our chef. He did add a strawberry salsa with the cake, which was a nice accompaniment, but after the caliber of the rest of the meal, did not live up to expectations.

All in all, the evening was wonderful, Katie was on top of her game and Casey was there to make sure that all was good.

As for the beer, well two beers with each course = ten beers, lets just say that the last four were... well they all tasted the same. The first few beers, I could tell the difference, but by the end, na... there was no way. Beers were cold crisp and each had a distinct flavor. I really liked the Hefe Weisen.

So if you ever want to join us for any of our tours, " we do have another beer and pretzel coming up" check us out at the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Getting Just a Bit Excited!!!

Here it comes. Next weekend is Beer Time. Were taking the bus and heading out. Beer and all things beer being discussed. As usual your tour guides are none other than myself and my inn keeping buddy, Jan.

So climb aboard the bus and strap in for the thrill ride of our life through the back roads of Lancaster. Our bus driver Gary is sure to bring you a comfortable ride through the Amish Country side in search of not only great micro brewed beer, but the best pretzel places one can find. These places are not your typical finds, they are a bit off the beaten path.

Well, as if that is not enough, Dinner at the Lancaster Brewing Company in Lancaster with a tour and some history after dinner. The only thing missing are the nuts. ( I am sure we will find a few on the way)

Although this one is just about full, We still have rooms available for the August 15th and 16th tour. Find out more about our Culinary Tours in scenic Lancaster County.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our latest Bed and Breakfast Wine and Cheese Tour

We did it again. The latest in our series of wine and cheese tours. Our guest have been having a great time. Lots of fun, lots of food and of course lots of wine. This particular tour lead us once again to Chester County.

We stopped by our old friend Martha to check out what types of cheese that had this time. We were just about ready to get the Camembert, but to no avail. The guest loved the dog who's toy was a fifteen pound bowling ball, (and boy did he have a grip on that). I had all I could do to get it away from him.

The cheese was great. We sampled three different varieties yesterday and then checked out the baby sheep. What a sight while they were playing in the field.

Then off to two different wineries; one in Avondale and the other West Chester. Two wonderful places. Of course the wine was too much. Delicious in every sense of the word, but too much wine. They say if you want to play with the big boys you have to be prepared. I was not I guess.

Dinner was excellent! Five courses with wine at each course. I was to the point where by the forth and fifth course, I was just sipping what they gave. It worked out well, it was just enough of the juice to settle me after sitting in the back of the van. I felt like a school kid carrying on and misbehaving and causing a raucous.

So all in all, the day was a good one. Next the Beer and Wine tour, our Cajun Murder Mystery and the Wine Camp.

All of these can be found on the Harvest Moon Web site.

See you later.