Friday, June 13, 2008

Getting Just a Bit Excited!!!

Here it comes. Next weekend is Beer Time. Were taking the bus and heading out. Beer and all things beer being discussed. As usual your tour guides are none other than myself and my inn keeping buddy, Jan.

So climb aboard the bus and strap in for the thrill ride of our life through the back roads of Lancaster. Our bus driver Gary is sure to bring you a comfortable ride through the Amish Country side in search of not only great micro brewed beer, but the best pretzel places one can find. These places are not your typical finds, they are a bit off the beaten path.

Well, as if that is not enough, Dinner at the Lancaster Brewing Company in Lancaster with a tour and some history after dinner. The only thing missing are the nuts. ( I am sure we will find a few on the way)

Although this one is just about full, We still have rooms available for the August 15th and 16th tour. Find out more about our Culinary Tours in scenic Lancaster County.

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