Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lancaster Bed and Breakfast

A Chef's Journey

You know, as a Lancaster Bed and Breakfast owner here in our great county, it took some time to finally sit down and go over all the stuff in my mind that would make our Demonstrations and Tours a reality. However after five years of doing them, it has proven to be quite a success. Needless to say, I love them. What other job is there where you get to go out to dinner, drink wine/beer, go to vineyards and learn about, well just about everything there is to know about growing grapes and making wine, (did I retain it?...don't quiz me! I will probably fail). Or what about just spending time with great people with like interest. It really is a journey in many ways that I have shared with many of you.

I look forward to 2009 as a year of discovery here in Lancaster! We have some really great places that we are heading to. New wineries, great chocolate venues, an herb presentation that will knock your socks off and of course our Cooking demos; we have added German this year. It looks like it will be a great year.

As a chef in the industry, I really must say that I have been pleasantly surprised by what Lancaster has to offer. In any area where farmland prevails and whoppie pies are the perceived culinary contribution to society, we have broken down that stereotypical consensus. It really is not the case. My travels have proven otherwise. You see, our area is where you get all the good stuff, how often can you go to the grocery store and get fresh smoked meats? I can every day! Who finds cave ripened cheese locally made within a short drive? I can! Who has the freshest of unusual locally picked produce at really reasonable prices? I do!

Do you see the connection? It has become an area for me of discovery for me. I must say that although it is not all in a one stop market, but bits and pieces are there for me to enjoy, savor and relish in. For us, handed picked, fresh smoked, organically grown, fresh brewed and expertly bottled means so much more to us living here; we actually see that it is. It is a way of life in Lancaster. Our Bed and Breakfast is in the middle of it all.

We look forward to hearing from you this year and perhaps enjoying one of our tours. It really is a great way to enjoy a culinary weekend in Pennsylvania. We look forward to being your host.

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