Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cooking Weekends

At the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast in Lancaster County

Good Morning Everyone and of course Happy New Year!!!!!!

Here is wishing you all a wonderful New Year. Yes the Holidays are all but over and I sit here next to the Christmas Tree saying to myself I must take it down, but I am so damn reluctant to do so. It is the freshest tree we have ever had. (besides when it is down, then Christmas is really over) In any case, I guess it is time to make waves for the rest of the season; and with all the cooking Weekends we have going on this year, we are sure to have one geared just for you.

I would like to concentrate on our German Themed Cooking Demo with this posting. You see, next to Italian, my favorite is style of cooking is German. My in-laws own a Gasthof in a little Bavarian town called Mittenwald; what a great place. I was living there working with them for about a year. Sure enough I learned a little bit about the culture, ( well actually quite a bit) I was totally immersed into the experience and brought back quite a bit.

Our culinary experience in the art of German cooking will be quite a delicious show. Although the final menu is not set, we will be demonstrating many dishes from the Bavarian Culture. Don't think you want to miss this Demo. For you die hard foodies, you will get quite a wallop and then some. From Dumplings and Spatzle to Weiner Schnitzle, Spaghetti and meatballs? opps strike that and Saurbraten... the list will continue. And don't forget about the struedel. (Am I making your mouth water a bit? Did I mention the dancers in typical Bavarian Lederhosen and Dindle... I might have to keep Hans and his merry dancers at bay, can't seem to get them to agree on a song to slap there knees to.

Well, check out the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast website to find out more. Being a Bed and Breakfast in Lancaster County, we are excited to do these cooking weekends. Please call if you have any questions.

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