Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lancaster Chicken Pot Pie

So, what do you all think of chicken pot pie. I love it. Never did I realize until I moved here in Lancaster to open our Bed and Breakfast would it have a different twist to it. You see, typically for me, a pot pie would be made using chicken and vegetables in a thick sauce and served inside as a pie, with crispy crust. Nothing like it just coming out of the oven bubbling through the crust. It really is a treat. However, moving here somebody did something different.

I was at a PA Dutch restaurant one day before we opened the bed and breakfast, and I was really in the mood for Pot Pie. Soooo, I ordered it off the menu. Salad came first; you know with the pickled goodies that they do so well down here. It really was good. Then the soup, I love a good chicken dumpling soup. It was a cold winter day and it really hit the spot. Then they took my plates away and said the pot pie would be out soon. WOW, the anticipation was building, I could not stand it any more. I was screaming inside so loud. You see, it has been a long time since I had a really good pot pie.

Well out came the pot pie. I was curious at first, not seeing any vegetables on the plate, concerned me. I asked where the vegetables were, they told me that I ordered a salad, and I said well yeah but where are the vegetables? They said once again you ordered a salad, I said I know, but pot pie is suppose to have vegetables.

I then started pushing the meal around with my fork and saw that the crust, or lack there of was mush, almost noodle like. I questioned it as well and said why is the crust mushy. They said what are you talking about? I was totally suprised. This is not what my mother made, ( well she really did not cook, but that is a story for another time) but this is not what I am use to. What could this be, a crustless, vegetableless pot pie? I had to deal, suck it up and move forward.

And so I did, found out that it really was not bad, not what I was expecting, but not bad. From that day on, I come to realize that it is just a little different here. Not bad or good, but just different. And it does grow on you, heck I have even picked up the accent a bit. Needless to say being born in Baltimore, living in MA. for about 16 years and then moving here, well I am just a bit confused. All in all, the pot pie is decent.

So if you are out here vacationing and can't seem to get a piece of pot pie, you know the real pie, just give me a shout, although I am not open for lunch or dinner, there may just be a piece in the refridgerator, I could cook it up here at the bed and breakfast just for you for your morning meal.

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