Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Vinola's Restaurant... A stylish restaurant near Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast

You know,

As I look for new and interesting places to dine here in Lancaster County within close driving distance to our bed and breakfast, I find myself being forever intrigued by the choices that are being offered of late. Both new and also those new to me, the pallet of cuisines are catching up to that of larger cities.

Of the restaurants that I must get to, few interest me as much as Vinola's does. You see, at the Harvest Moon we suggest different places for our guest to go to. They often want to stay local and therefore we offer to them a few of the places in our neck of Lancaster County. Mazzi's and Lily's on Main for something special. Shady Maple for that never ending Lancaster County Smorgasbord. And of course the many family restaurants that dot the area.

However one that has just recently opened up but twelve minutes from us is called Vinola's. A restaurant in the next town of Leola opened their doors back in November with little fanfare. The chef well known in these parts formerly ran The Pub in New Holland.

Our guest have concluded that this place is one that should be on our "reccommend" list. We will soon be going and enjoying the newest restaurant available. Once we do... we'll let you know.

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