Thursday, June 18, 2009

Whale Watching and Buggy Rides

I once lived on the ocean up in New England; far away from our Bed and Breakfast in Lancaster County. The name of this small bucolic fishing community was Rockport. The village on the North Shore of Boston has a quaint little downtown area that seemed to have been stuck back in time. Great little shops, the old time pharmacy, a country store and even the corner bakery were all mainstays when I lived there. Lobstering was a big deal in the area with every nook and cranny along the warf covered with a lobster trap just waiting to be baited and set. The town is all that a vibrant fishing community could be.

When I lived there, I never really appreciated the seafood; Working in a restaurant I ordered it, prepared it, cooked it... it was everywhere. So my desire for good seafood, although I appreciated it, was not great. I would nibble of some of the freshest of flounder or enjoy the richest seafood bisque one could enjoy. Often, I would enjoy a lost claw in the Lobster Pot, danggling the meat above a bowl of butter... Oh, no big deal. It was all there EVERY DAY!

So after living there for about 16 years, having enjoyed all that one could up there, I thought I had seen it all. The only thing I did not do is go on a whale watch... awww,that's ok! I don't have sea legs anyway. The time is good to leave, new beginnings, promising days ahead and besides, I had my fill of seafood... Or did I?

So living down here in Lancaster running our bed and breakfast we have grown to enjoy the freshest of produce, the home cooked meals and the exciting meats that are prepared at quite a few of the butcheries. The choices are many. One of the only things, as in Rockport, I have not done is something just as campy as a whale watch; A horse and buggy ride.

So that one day I wanted a great piece of fresh fish, you know the kind you get at the little family restaurant that sells fried clams, boiled lobster, backed haddock all fresh fresh fresh... you know... don't you? Anyone? Hey, who can help me? Rats it was no where to be found. I was lost. What was I to do. Where is that lost lobster claw swimming at the bottom of the pot? What happened to last drops of seafood bisque that was just enough for a taste. It was all gone.

So recipe for my problem... 1) Phone call to Rockport, 2) Drive to New England, 3) Dinner at Farnhams. And maybe just maybe while I am there I could go Whale Watching. Who knows it depends on how much of a tourist I become. I will let you know.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Lancaster Culinary Tours

We did it! The site is up and running and we could not be happier. Our friends at the Artist's Inn and Gallery and and we here at the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast have launched our new website for Lancaster County Tours. For all those
"Foodies" out there, this is the place for you.

Both Jan and Carl have been operating Lancaster County Tours since 2005 in an effort to bring to our guest the many unique "one of a kind" finds that only Lancaster County can offer on a culinary note.

We have conducted in the past Cheese and Wine tours, Beer and Pretzel Tours, Cajun Murder Mystery Weekends, Wine Camp and New this year will be the Paranormal Tour scheduled for October.

Each tour offered will be changed so that not two are the same. There is so much to explore in Lancaster County that the list is always changing for us. Local vintners and Cheese artisans are challenging locals and tourist alike to explore their new offerings to the culinary world, Lancaster County Tours has put together these tours for you to enjoy.

Our tours are smaller and not the commercial tours that traverse across Lancaster County. We keep them smaller on purpose to maintain that same personal connection that we emulate through our inns.

To find out more of our tours, check us out at and find out what all the buzz is about.