Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lancaster and the Diner

So many times when finishing up on Sunday after a busy weekend at the bed and breakfast, we travel throughout Lancaster County in search of comfort food at a local diner. Don't get me wrong, I love a great meal, however there is nothing more pleaseing than a great Turkey dinner with lots of gravy.

I have found in Lancaster three diners that I enjoy going to. Now once again, this is not your fancy restaurant. However, for the kinda meal that you want to put on the sweat pants after your done eating.

As I mentioned earlier, I am a Turkey man. Love my turkey, stuffing, ( locals call it filling ) and gravy. Instead of the mash spuds that usually come with the meal, I go for french fries. Love them! Don't forget to pile on the gravy.

The three places that I go to are;

1. Lyndon City Diner ( largest of the three )
2. Jennie's Diner ( Trucker's Paradise )
3. Neptune Diner ( Downtown Lancaster )

I have to say that each one delivered. Each time going to them, I have gotten what I expected. Turkey hot, stuffing delicious, and fries smoothered in gravy.

The atmosphere inside of Jennie's and Neptune is that of a true diner. Small, crowded and loads of character. They are both perfect for an intimate conversation or a small family gathering. Lyndon City Diner is quite large however does have that flashy look and the food delivers.
I highly reccommend each one of these. Each one delivers in it's own way. So the next time in Lancaster, just ask and we'll lead the way to great comfort food.

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