Friday, February 26, 2010

Lancaster County Mud Sales Turns White!

So as I look outside here in Lancaster County, I see that the mud sales scheduled for this weekend in Rawlinsville and Strasburg
may just be filled with snow instead of mud... may be better off anyway! Mudsales are a great way to hob knob with the locals; you are totally immersed into their lives. And below you can find a complete listing for all the upcoming sales in Lancaster

After a day of bidding and buying, relive the past at the American Music Theatre with one or both shows. Foreigner and Air Supply will be guest this weekend and both deliver all the memories of the 80's. Check out their website and reserve your tickets...

So as we hopefully say good by to the last of the snow, Lancaster is gearing up for what always proves to be a wonderful spring. Enjoy the last of the shoveling and we hope to see you soon.

in reference to: Lancaster Bed and Breakfast, Bed and Breakfast in Lancaster PA (view on Google Sidewiki)

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