Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Restaurant Hopping in Lancaster County: A chef's musings!

You know.... I just love music... Any kind of music, and therefore I was ready to rock the night away with American Music Theater's California Soul It was a great show needless to say! However the meal before at a local Lancaster County Restaurant is what I am writing about. Have you ever been to Olive and Jasmine's?

We decided to stop in for a quick bite before the show. Thought of nothing special just another run of the mill quick Asian restaurant. However.... I was surely surprised.

We started the meal with an appetizer. I am forever sold on pot stickers, simple I know, however they always have my name on it. You see, I am on the lookout for something other than the kind that stick to your ribs. Lots of dough and no substance. Eureka, I have found the perfect, most unique variety ever. Light, crunchy, and filled with a delicate blend of meat and vegetables, this pop sticker delivered on every level...

I asked to look at the menu once again and noticed that their appetizer selection was really something special. They had menu styles of Asian appetizers, not just Chinese, but from many different countries. One could make a meal out of there appetizers.

We continued our meals with enjoying noodles. My wife decided on the Pad Thai and I was a little more difficult and asked for Chicken Chow Fun instead of the beef on their menu.

As with the appetizer, the entrees were top rate. Just enough to enjoy, with just the right flavor. The Pad Thai had heat, but not enough to not be able to enjoy it... it was perfect, through on the peanuts and the flavor excelled. The Chow fun, was exceptional with just the right amount of oyster sauce; sometimes too much can overwhelm as a flavor enhancer. Vegetables throughout each dish was used as the perfect crunch and garnish to compliment.

So when heading out to the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast in Lancaster County to catch California Soul at the American Music Theater save a little time for Olive and Jasmine's Asian Bistro. You will for sure enjoy a great Asian meal.


ranzino said...

Always wanted to stop in there. With a recommendation from you, it's bound to happen sooner rather than later!

Unknown said...

Great place Brian...if you like Asian Food it is top notch.