Monday, October 18, 2010

Great Halloween Ideas with this Event in Lancaster County

The Dungeon
Have you ever been spooked? Well I was the other night! We are every year thinking of great Halloween Ideas for our Unexplained Lancaster County Event over Halloween weekend. This year promises to be truly on the unexplained side.

Whats the blue mist?
Our schedule for this tour is a visit with Kelly Weaver and a trip down to the Old Kauffmans Building, where you learn of the history of this centuries old building... get ready though, for the former owner may just pop in to tell us of some mysterious happenings.

Then on to Terre Hill where we walk through the cemetery with Kelly Weaver as she shares stories of the unexplained in a truly spooky setting.

Waiting to be spooked!
The next day, we prepare for our trip to Landis Valley Museum. Once there, the curators walk us through the grounds and buildings; are there ghosts? You be the judge! Lunch will be served here.

Happy Halloween!
Is that a shadow in the back left corner?
Which brings me to being spooked.... You know, when we research a place to add to the tour, we are always looking for something that is going to intrigue our guest... Well for sure this place will. We have asked the folks at the Columbia Historic Preservation Society to give us a preview of what to expect. Nothing could prepare me for what I was about to see in the dungeon!

Take a look and decide for yourself, or simply come along... we still have room!

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