Monday, November 15, 2010

The Flower and Craft Warehouse

Gotta Love the Christmas Ornaments
Santa getting ready for a Lancaster County Christmas
So... How are you all doing with getting ready for the Holidays? More specifically your decorating? Have you ever been to The Flower and Craft Warehouse? This is surely a place you will need to go to to find many varieties of crafts and flowers, flower arranging supplies, Christmas decorating, bead making supplies including glass beads, Yankee Candles etc. etc. etc. The list is non stop for

Going there the other day turned out to be quite the shopping experience. With Thanksgiving just around the corner and Christmas not far on it's heals, the place is filled to the rim with great decorative fancies for just about every person. Whether country, colonial, whimsical or modern, this place has got it going on. 
          The Harvest Moon Bed & Breakfast is but eight minutes away from the Flower and Craft Warehouse in Blue Ball PA. And why not make a day out of it by going to Shady Maple for dinner... You will for sure get a good chunk of your Christmas List crossed off.   HAPPY SHOPPING!!!

All your printing needs!
Could the Flower and Craft Warehouse get a larger?

This says it all!

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