Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another Gourmet in Lancaster County

Dining at La Terra in Leola
See... I told you all that Lancaster is really shining through when it comes to culinary. It really has become our local renaissance here. And I am enjoying every Gosh Darn minute of it. I am glad to have found Kathlene Sullivan and her Food-Love-Lancaster Blog!

Here is a quote from her blog which ultimately goes into talking about Antonia Hinnenkamp and her East King Culinary.

"My name is Kathlene Sullivan and I believe that I was born to tell stories. As a fairly recent transplant to Lancaster I was favorably impressed with the rich variety in the local Food and Dining scene and the passion of the professionals involved in it. So this blog is about food and dining and the importance of defining who we are, where we come from and what is important to us now. I hope you enjoy my stories."     Here you can read more of Kathlene Sullivan's blog,

Lancaster County Dining Scene
And I look forward to reading more from Kathlene in the future! Thank you Kathlene for joining the "Lancaster Epicurean Movement"...I have the feeling it's gonna' be a fun ride!

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Kathlene said...

Thank you Carl for your kind words and for sharing the link to my "maiden effort". I look forward to spinning more tales of Food in the City and to reading your take on the Epicurean scene in the meantime!