Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Influence of Regional Italy on Italian Cooking Classes in Lancaster

Far from Lancaster County! Brixen Italy
I love Italy! It's that simple, and as I sit here and pen the latest for the Lancaster Culinary Journeys Blog, I reflect on my last visit to the Old County. My favorite place to visit, if one could pick a favorite place, would be that of Alto Adige or Sud Tyrol as the German decedents who live in the area would say.

This part/state of Italy is in the most northern part of Italy, in the middle of the Italian Alps, a place where German and Italian cultures combine to make a wonderful fusion in not only food, but culture, fashion and architecture as well.

The perfect inspiration for our Lancaster County Italian Cooking Demo
With it being so close to Germany, and me having connections with the Country, I have been fortunate enough to visit this wonderful mysterious land. I place where medieval castles and buildings dot the mountain side and where grape vineyards and olive groves begin to appear. Alto Adige is a wonderful place to explore all that is both Italian and German in every sense of the word.

Downtown Brixen Sud Tirol and the Church

So for a lonely ole' Lancaster Bed and Breakfast Owner, how does one get to know the land so well. Well I would not say that I know it all that well, however once you go, you have this feeling of wanting to go back again and again. And so I have. Ortesi ( St Ulrich ) Brassanone ( Brixin ) Bolzano ( Bozen ) Vipetano (Sterzing ) and Merano (Meran) are some of the places I have been.

The alleys here remind me of Market Place in Downtown Lancaster
Brassanone had the absolute most memorable pizza around, just coming out of the oven with artichoke hearts, local Parmesan cheese and smoked prosciutto ham were just some of the toppings. Watching it come out of the oven, was a feast for it had no shape, no round pie and was just flat on the oven floor just waiting for me... you know I could see the piece that had my name on it! Damn was it good!
Vipetano or Sterzing Italy

Bolzano and Merano are both metropolitan cities with a strong emphasis on culinary. Or how about Vipatano, where just walking the streets of this Medieval Town leave you thinking of the history that once was. And St Ulrich or Ortesi, high up in the mountains lives this tiny village where Grapa shops and Skiing are all the rage.

Isn't it Beautiful in Alto Adige!

Yeah, I want to go back, my next visits will bring me to Castlerotto and Glorenza... or what do you suggest? I am itching to go, I can feel it. Who wants to come along?  

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