Thursday, February 10, 2011

Making Cheese in Lancaster County and Beyond

So as I poke around on the internet, I find a cheese I have never heard of called Halloumi! And naturally being the gourmet that I am, I find myself so very much intrigued with this. I decided that I need to go ahead and make it for my guest here at the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast! And folks... how about a cheese making class? I think that could be a lot of fun!

In the mean time, I would love to share with all my readers what  Briony at The Blended Lifestyle Blog has to say about what appears to be an awesome Cheese.
Lancaster County Cheese

I yearn for a rural lifestyle, getting earth under my fingernails and putting funny-looking delicious veg straight from the earth onto the table. I'd like to get my honey from bee hives rather than squeezy bottles, my milk, yoghurt and cheese from a goat rather than plastic packets that I throw away.

I also love my laptop, my work, my feeling of being plugged into the city.

I am trying to find my way towards a lifestyle that blends self sufficiency with participation in the formal economy. The blog comes with me all the way.

Recently, people have become excited when they discover I know how to make Halloumi, so I thought I'd post the recipe, for which many thanks to the wonderful Pam at Canon Frome.....

You can read the rest of this witty and fun post and find out exactly how to make Halloumi Cheese and use it in your favorite recipes.

The Goats At Amos' Place
Also I would like to say to Briony, Thank you for showing such a high regard to Buy Fresh, Buy Local, sustainability, living from the land and all that awesome earthy stuff movement. Not sure where you are from, however it sounds like A. a place I want to visit or B. It sounds similar to Lancaster County PA where I am from...

I think I will be going to my friend Amos, who has a goats dairy farm but minutes away to start making this cheese. Thank you so much!

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