Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Strasburg Railroad and the Great Train Robbery.... Lancaster Has it All

So when I start doing research for places to go and things to do, it usually leads me to food. Doing research on Strasburg PA, I find that the Iron Horse Inn is a pretty darn good place. Great Food, Great Service and an over the top Beer List. One of my first places when traveling to Strasburg.

Strasburg Railroad Great Train Robbery
However, most recently, I was poking around on the internet and found that the Strasburg Railroad was hosting a "Train Robbery"! How unique! I am immediately intrigued by this. What's more, when the robbers "take" your money, it all goes towards a charity.

This is for sure on my list of cool things to do; with three of them planned this year, the first one is coming up in a few short weeks, April 10th 2011. The Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast can help you with all the arrangements.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Fasnacht Day in Lancaster County

Just as certain as the sun comes up, each year...right around this time or exactly the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, the locals in Lancaster County have come to know Fasnachts. Traditionally this PA Dutch German Treat is a potato doughnut sprinkled with a bit of sugar. So whether you call it Shrove Tuesday, Fasnacht Day or Fat Tuesday, the treats do have a bit of history.

PA Dutch Fasnacht
So how do we here at the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast celebrate... well, I have to admit, it may be that we just purchase a few fasnachts and put them on the table for all to enjoy. Here we have never really celebrated. Now where my wife comes from, they would celebrate Fasching (Mardi Gras) each year as they do in New Orleans. We just have not carried the tradition over here. I think though that a trip to New Orleans would be in order.... and besides they have great Cajun food that I must check out.

So as the bakers get ready for the onslaught tomorrow, I thought it may be a good time to showcase some Great PA Dutch Fasnacht Recipes. I have found a recipe site from Pam Weidle's web page. Pam has several different recipes to choose from.

Pam Thank you for such a great treat and so many options!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lancaster County Bed and Breakfast Owner Celebrates National Mulled Wine Day

Hello everyone... Was it not enough that we had all those great holidays back in February National Wine Day, National Kahlua Day and so on... Now we have a holiday just for heated spiced wine; NATIONAL MULLED WINE DAY. YIPPEE!

March 3rd, 2011 has been declared National Mulled Wine Day. Perfect time of year for this wonderful concoction. It's like Christmas coming in the middle of winter; minus all the hoopla. 

I could not be more excited about the prospect of a day solely dedicated to mulled wine. I think I will need to pull myself together, gather my favorite wine for mulling and get the stove-top ready! The smell in the house is gonna' be awesome tomorrow.

Hey there, wanna join me? Here's a recipe for you to enjoy. Or just come on by the inn.... the wine will be mulling all day.

One bottle of red wine (does not have to be expensive) ( less 1/4 cup as a taste test )
1/2 orange washed and cut into small wedges.
2 cinnamon sticks
6 whole cloves
10 pieces of alspice
3/4 cup sugar ( more or less to taste )

1. combine all ingredients ( sample the wine )
2. mull on stove top under low heat ( taste test for errors )
3. drink passionately yet be responsible!

Ode to the Mud Sale, A Lancaster County Tradition

Living in Lancaster County
for the past ten years
Has been such a bounty
As we travel new frontiers.
Towards Winter's end
And the beginning of anew
A promise from above
As spring rounds the bend
And the winds of March blew
Is what I write of.

I have seen so much
Can it be true,
This lifestyle they call "Dutch"
Was plainly in view.
Yet this tradition stuck out
As springs winds blew in,
A new sense of hope
That all could not doubt!
Even we here at the Inn
Gave an extra bar of soap!

They play in the mud
For reasons not sure,
I've seen a good bud
Dodging manure!
He twisted and turned
To bid on a quilt
He thought was just right
And as the bidding adjourned
He was riddled with guilt
That his bidding took no flight!

The crowds oh how big
The sights are aplenty
They've roasted a pig
Sandwich? A buck twenty!
And as I watch closely
The day go by
I remember one thing
The thing I need mostly
And it's not whoopie pie
Is a brand new box spring!

So my day... oh how nice!
I've trudged through the dirt!
I've eaten pretzels twice,
And stained my polo shirt!
Was it all worth it?

My friends up north asked
A "Mud Sale" to see?
My answer with wit...
The local culture I've passed
Yet it's only quarter to three!