Monday, March 7, 2011

Fasnacht Day in Lancaster County

Just as certain as the sun comes up, each year...right around this time or exactly the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, the locals in Lancaster County have come to know Fasnachts. Traditionally this PA Dutch German Treat is a potato doughnut sprinkled with a bit of sugar. So whether you call it Shrove Tuesday, Fasnacht Day or Fat Tuesday, the treats do have a bit of history.

PA Dutch Fasnacht
So how do we here at the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast celebrate... well, I have to admit, it may be that we just purchase a few fasnachts and put them on the table for all to enjoy. Here we have never really celebrated. Now where my wife comes from, they would celebrate Fasching (Mardi Gras) each year as they do in New Orleans. We just have not carried the tradition over here. I think though that a trip to New Orleans would be in order.... and besides they have great Cajun food that I must check out.

So as the bakers get ready for the onslaught tomorrow, I thought it may be a good time to showcase some Great PA Dutch Fasnacht Recipes. I have found a recipe site from Pam Weidle's web page. Pam has several different recipes to choose from.

Pam Thank you for such a great treat and so many options!!

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