Friday, December 2, 2011

Lancaster Christmas Lights

A Lancaster County Tradition has been Discovered!

Remember the Christmas Bubble Lights?

Whirly-glos don the tree
So over the years, living in Lancaster County, I have seen a shift towards the thinking of Christmas. The air in Lancaster has changed. One can walk downtown now in Lancaster, Lititz, Marietta, New Holland.... and find the sights, smells and sounds of a Christmas long ago.

A Lancaster County Christmas Tree
So what embellishes this "holiday bazaar" of an area that seems to now understand that the roots of an American Christmas started right here in Lancaster? Is it the gift giving.... Na. What about Black Friday... Definitely not! Is it the cooking.... well of course I'm gonna say yes it is.... but even more than that for me is the whimsical display of Christmas Lights.
Figural Christmas Lights

The light bulb was created back in 1879 by Thomas Edison.... it only took three years till one of his associates (Edward Johnson) decided to wire a Christmas Tree. Bills Antique Christmas Light Site continues to tell the story of Christmas lights and the beginnings.  When President Cleveland decided that the National Christmas Tree was to be "electrified" back in 1895 with over 100 lights,  high society decided that it was time to have "Christmas tree" parties. The cost for them back in that time was about 300 dollars, equivalent to more than 2000.00 today.
Two of the "Twelve Days"

A Lancaster County Christmas
So after all these years, the Christmas light has hung around.... bubble lights, Matchless star lights, twinkle lights figural Christmas lights. Most of these lights all came into glory during the forties and fifties. Today the lights continue to dazzle with shimmering displays of colorful electric.

So as you enjoy the holidays, (and as I continue to hang lights till Christmas Eve here at the Harvest Moon Bed & Breakfast) I would like to leave you with one last thought. Remember me saying that a Lancaster County tradition has been discovered? Well The Gift of Lights at Elizabeth Farms had it's premier opening a couple of weeks ago... And the display is magical! Be sure to put that on your Holiday Itinerary while visiting Lancaster County.

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