Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Lancaster Old Fashoined Christmas

Building Memories!

I know... it sounds like a cliche..."A good old fashioned Christmas"   However, as I sit here and look at the decorated house, the Christmas cookies that have been enjoyed, and the Lights that sparkle, I am reminded that I have set up memories for my children.
Lancaster County Christmas Tree Hunting

You see, since I started being a father, I often thought what were my children going to remember from Christmas... what would they pass down to their families... I could never come up with anything for the longest time. Then as the years passed, I could see the kids growing and with each year, they would become familiar with "things" that I had no idea would stick with them.

One year I started reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to them... then each year afterwards, they would not let me go prepare the presents until I read the story once again. To this day, we still read Clement C. Moore's timeless classic, (and sometimes mix the words up a bit for a little fun).

The Boys at a Lancaster County Tree Farm
Over the years, it has been pretty important to enjoy an early breakfast and we always schedule before we open gifts, however it never works out that way. Also we always say we are going to midnight mass, yet again we are always going in the morning.

 Christmas Tree(s)... The boys and I go and chop one or two down every year! It has become a ritual for us... One for the Harvest Moon Bed & Breakfast and one for our part. It always is a lot of fun while looking for the perfect one, the kids are carrying on knocking each other down in the field and laughing the whole time.... Memories I will always remember.

So the traditions build... no need to worry about making it happen, it just will happen. The kids make it happen and those are the ones that are so special, built with love behind them.

As my kids say... Just let it happen...I guess that could be with Christmas also... you'll see how special it is once you can. Family is so important!

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