Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Forget the Fleamarkets, I'm going to Adamstown in Lancaster for Antiques!

Lancaster County Antiques
Adamstown, PA is the place to be for all your antique needs. And on April 25 through the 29, 2012, Adamstown will host it's first Antique Extravaganza this year. This event is tops for our area in Lancaster County. Adamstown is filled with all kinds of great  antiques from trinkets and jewelry to old tins and typewriters... and everything in between.  

Lancaster being one of the oldest settlements in the nation, is home to plenty of finds all throughout the area. The shops, not only in Adamstown, are many throughout Lancaster County.  Even our flea markets and second hand shops are a treasure trove just waiting for you to explore.

The Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast is only about twenty minutes away from the fun. So whether or not you are here for your small antique radio or are a diehard antique buff, Lancaster has got you covered! Happy Hunting!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Lancaster; A Better Way to Stay!

It's time to find out why staying at a Bed & Breakfast is a Better Way to Stay!

So as an innkeeper here in Lancaster County, we often ask where are guests found out about us. It helps us with our marketing efforts. Lately along with that question, I have heard more and more people saying that this is their first B&B experience.

It always intrigues me why someone who has been enjoying a hotel for many years has decided to give a B&B a try. Many of the answers are we just wanted something different, my wife always wanted to try one, we saw you on the internet and decided to try it are among some of the answers. But the question that intrigues me the most is, why have you not tried it before. The usual answer is, "We never even thought about it"

There is a campaign spearheaded by our National Association (PAII) that will be singing the praises of B&B's nation wide. It's called, A Better Way to Stay and has had a wonderful start. You may remember some of the past efforts with "KICK GAS" and "B&B's for Vets". Two very successful campaigns that ran last year. Again this year, Better Way to Stay will be doing a full line of events including the Vets program once again.

The Better Way to Stay campaign is designed to bring awareness to the public... letting them know that there is a better way to stay. Lodging does not necessarily mean that you are stuck inside of a box room with a desk and bed and a plastic coffee maker.  Yesterday's cliches of dollies and dark cluttered homes are just conjured up memories. Today's B&B's offer an array of modern amenities including, above all, a wonderful breakfast.

So spread the word if you want... Let the world know of your B&B experience... We are so unique as a whole... we all have something different to offer to the public. 

I would like to leave you with a commercial... it will explain why staying at a B&B is a BETTER WAY TO STAY!