Monday, June 11, 2012

Oh!... We've got that! Lancaster County & it's Culinary Playground

So when I moved to Lancaster County years ago to open up the Harvest Moon Bed & Breakfast, I thought to myself after going to the grocery store and seeing nothing more than the usual fruit and vegetables that I was doomed as a chef, absolutely doomed.

Lancaster Fresh Field Greens... Salad Anyone?
I would travel far and wide to try to find something unique; something that peeked my interest and would intrigue our guests all the same. After all, being the only chef/innkeeper in Lancaster County,  I needed to show the unique qualities of of in Inn which is run by someone with culinary training.

Fast forward a couple of years in Lancaster and I begin shopping at farm stands to get a few things I may need. I forgot tomatoes at the store, (you know the pretty round red ones that taste like #$%^), and stopped at a farm stand on the way home... It was July after all and the tomatoes should be available.

Harvest Moon Bed & Breakfast Chives
Well not only were they available, but they were less expensive and better tasting as well. I was sold! I soon started shopping at the farm stands quite often and considered them to be a valuable resource for my cooking abilities at the B&B.

I also began to realize that after checking them out month after month, that the savings were not the only thing that was appealing to me, the taste, the variety and the offerings as well. I could find those green zebra tomatoes for a unique fried tomato in the morning. I could find the red currants that sit so nicely on top of sorbet topped peach fresh toast in the morning. It was all there for me to find and discover... more than any grocery store could offer!

Lancaster County Fresh Strawberries
In any case, This year we begin a segment of tours called "Culinary Inntensives". These Lancaster County topic specific tours, kidnap you for a few hours during the day and show you all that Lancaster has to offer in regards to fresh, local, fun and tasty.

Below is a list of all that is being offered for the upcoming season:

 June 16
Lancaster County Gourmet "A Lancaster Culinary Inntensive"

July 14
Chrunchy, Organic and Granola "A Lancaster Culinary Inntensive"

August 4
Lancaster County Cheese "Crawl" A Lancaster Culinary Inntensive