Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lancaster County Great Restaurant Finds -- Checkers Bistro!

Another Great Lancaster County Restaurant! 

Just needed to shout out on this great restaurant finds in Lancaster County, Checkers Bistro! This one is about a half hour from our Lancaster County Bed and Breakfast.

Recently, My brother, cousin and I all treated our mothers to a lunch at Checkers Bistro in Lancaster. When I think of checkers, I think of a retro place, with white and black tiled flooring, a soda fountain and servers on roller skates. This place is certainly not that at all. 

From the moment stepping in to the time we left, we were impressed. Service, impeccable (and fun); ambiance, nice casual; menu, eclectic, daring, creative and something for everyone; and the food far surpassed my expectations from what I conjured up from their namesake.

We started with soup, fried calamari and Lobster Pizza. The French Onion soup was certainly wonderful... not over powered with cheese and certainly not just a soup out of a box. The Lobster Pizza impressed all with great chucks of lobster, brie arugula and pine nuts, a stellar combination. The fried Calamari was impressive while coming out crisp and just perfect for even those squeamish of seafood.

Later, we enjoyed a wonderful chicken salad on their lunch menu, an over the top hamburger, another pizza choice with prosciutto and figs, YUM, and a chicken sandwich on a baguette. Most impressive, were the Duck Tacos, Crispy wonton tacos, barbeque duck with a hint of coriander, guacamole, and finished with micro greens as a garnish... Checkers.... Never take this off the menu... PLEASE!

By the end of the lunch, we were all extremely pleased. We enjoyed time with mom and I know I for sure will be back to Checkers Bistro to enjoy the Duck Tacos... again!

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