Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Holland PA ... Let the Summer Begin

It's that time of year! On the cusp of the dog days, but still enjoying some refreshing nights leftover from spring. Although I love all times of the year, including summer,  I am vehemently against humidity.  I can take days in the eighties and nineties, however, when it gets sticky, here in New Holland PA, I am just absolutely miserable.

However, me being glass half full, always, I find myself discovering all the good things of summer. Here in Lancaster County, we here at the Bed and Breakfast are challenged often with things to do, events going on and places to discover. So the summer time, just like any other time of the year, is filled with all of that, and New Holland specifically has a lot going on this year. 

Getting Ready for the BBQ Cook off!
Let's begin with the New Holland Summer Arts Program. Right here in New Holland, enjoy ole' fashioned entertainment, from the Polka Quads to Dixieland Bands and everything in between.  The park is filled with lively music towards the evening each Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday throughout the summer up until August 12. These concerts are free to the public and are sponsored by some of our local merchants. It's a great way to mingle with the local Amish and Mennonite as you enjoy the sounds of our community.

New Holland also has a Lancaster County open air farmers market. Besides, you know I need to talk about food at some point, it's in my genes! Established about 6 years ago, this Saturday event goes from the middle of may up until the end of September. Each weekend has a different theme, lots of fresh produce and plenty of great food to enjoy as you prepare for your weekend meal. Although the farmers market is not open during the fall, the area farmers are still offering their freshest of in season produce

Next would be the 10th annual Liberty Fire Company Car Show right here in New Holland at the grounds of Case New Holland Tractor. This event is scheduled for August 4th, 2012 from 3 till 8pm.  This show gets better each year. My nostalgia kicks in each time I go, with the sights and sounds of great cars and swinging music from the fifties. This event has it all from burnout competitions to truck tug-o-wars. It's a great summer time event where the whole family could spend a good part of the day.
New Holland Summer Fest

Bringing up the rear, is the 13th annual New Holland BBQ Competition, also known as Summerfest. This  two day event is a great way to mix with  locals and visitors alike to discuss nothing but what else... BBQ. All kinds of people visit New Holland, PA to try their hand with this competition. From Whole Hog and Chicken to Sausage and Ribs, there is something for everyone to compete in. Be forewarned though, the competitors only let the judges taste the end product. It's okay though, for there are plenty of vendors that have BBQ to sell, (after all you'll go crazy smelling the richness of smokey meat throughout the day).  

Although this rounds out the summer in New Holland, there are still plenty of other things going on in New Holland to finish the year including the New Holland Farmers Fair and Christmas on Main. These two events are local small town favorites that bring families together and tie together a sense of community. Be sure to look for info regarding these events in future postings.

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