Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Harvest Moon Bed & Breakfast Recognized as one of top 10 Culinary Inns

 Honored! Needless to say,  that I received one of the Top Ten Culinary Inns award from Bed and On a list of great inns with great chefs, I was recognized with an interesting twist to get people involved with food. From tours and demos to lectures and an all out immersion, the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast has pushed the buttons; and has gotten noticed.

I have always enjoyed culinary. However being a chef was a tough job. So the inn-keeping world came naturally and was a way to take the "stress" out of cooking yet still be so very much involved with the culinary world... more so!

So living in a beautiful area with noting but fresh local food available at my fingertips, how could I not explore  this arena which lays in front of me. I am a purest at heart, and Lancaster has surely provided me with all kinds of great stuff.

We have all kinds of great events coming up and have just added a few dates to the Cheese Crawl. We hope to see you on one of them soon.