Monday, March 10, 2014


Did somebody say Goat Milk?
 It's Happening...

Well, It's been a while. I have been evaluating the culinary aspect of our operations over the past  years and have seen that the people that live here in Lancaster County have become quite the Epicureans. Bonus! People that travel here have come to expect the discovery of great food and where the heck it all comes from.

Lancaster has done it. A concept about ten years ago on how to get the word out on how perfect Lancaster is on a culinary note is now grown into a desire for more
Fresh Lancaster County Produce
. So in saying that and back to the Harvest Moon Bed & Breakfast, we have shown with great pride all that Lancaster has to offer. It has caught on, from great cheese producers and restaurants that serve a wonderful meal to local wineries that enjoy competing with their counterparts across the country. It's here.

Ready to make cheese
So now what do we do you ask? How can we take you deeper into what Lancaster County has to offer. How can it get any better than great food. Well it can and that's where I leave you today... IT'S a surprise. We are building on things, culinary things, and ways to connect a healthy lifestyle along with it. Lancaster County has gone all out and has really pushed some culinary buttons. I've explored them and continue to explore the scene here in Lancaster.  But mums the word for now. STAY TUNED!