Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Could it be? Your Innkeeper has become The Grinch?

Has Carl Become the Grinch and Crossed the Holidays off his Calendar This Year? 

 The holidays are coming and you can't convince me that I'm gonna enjoy it. I mean really, I have not been thinking about Christmas for the past two weeks, three days and 6 and a half hours. Why would I? I can't stand decorating with my antique Christmas Collection that I've been collecting since May of 1989.

Then of course, with Christmas comes the wrapping and trappings of Holiday Gift giving, garnishing gifts with the prettiest of bows ( I picked up the sweetest ribbon at and end of season sale last January) and sending out Christmas Cards and organizing my Christmas List since September 17,  is just a plain nuisance. WHO HAS TIME!

I'm not shopping for cheese!
And then thumbing through Martha Stewart, Country Living, Victorian Home and other magazines is a daunting task, why would anyone look for hours on end for the perfect holiday meal. Come on, an artisan cheese board with Shrophshire  Blue, Fromage Di' Afinois, Local Cave Aged Goat Cheese, and Rooster Street Provisions old world salt cured Salami with Nicoise Olive Tempanade should be enough for an appetizer for the holiday party.

Decorating = No!
All in all, Christmas is just too much to deal with;  Oh and then the guest come to the Harvest Moon , I didn't all ready set up a special for them. Why would I, that would show that I have an adoration for the Holiday, which I don't.

 That special wouldn't be free passes to the National Christmas Center by booking here at the Harvest Moon from now till December 31. I don't want to condone such a menagerie of holiday splendor and make people excited and bring to them the Christmas Spirit when I myself am a Grumpy Young Innkeeper  It just wouldn't be right.

Rooster St. ProvisionsSo just try me, try making a reservation and see what happens, I'll make your holidays one to remember!


For those that know me, these things in here that I "shout out about"are really the case, I truly love Christmas and all that comes around it. One step into the Harvest Moon during December, you will see why. So all the things you read up there that I say are just a bother, YUP, that's crazy me, I really have been thinking about Christmas for 2 weeks and now 4 days and 7 hours. So come along and join us as we "gift" you tickets to the National Christmas Center just for staying here. Come and "Shine On" and celebrate the Holidays here at the Harvest Moon!